How to choose window blinds for the bedroom

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The correct choice of the window blinds will provide the room privacy, warmth and comfort. In addition to decorating, it must offer a warm light, dark environment for a healthier sleep; block the direct sunlight, the sight of neighbours, the wind and even pollution.
However, for the correct choice of the window blinds, you can choose the style of your decor: classic, rustic, romantic, contemporary . So, it will be easier to create a harmonious composition of all the items within your room.  The material to be used, the colours, the prints and the size should be defined in advance. Other factors such as age, gender, marital status and lifestyle, influence the choice of bedroom decor.
Sete Window Blinds offers a wide variety of designs and colours, which allows a simple or sophisticated decor creative and beautiful way.  For example:


Honeycomb Blinds
Beautiful and sophisticated, Honeycomb Blinds are ideal for a warm design which unifies the lightness with durability, comfort with protection and convenience. The elegance of the window blind in perfect harmony with their environment. Also, it helps on thermal and acoustic insulation control and thus controlling noise levels if your bedroom is close to avenue or commercial areas.
Venetian Blinds
They are traditional and modern at the same time. They are made in various colours, sizes and materials. They allow a more accurate control of natural light and can be opened or closed without you having to pull them (through a manual or motorized system). If you are looking for something more classic the wooden is a good option for you. They add style and elegance to the room.
Roman Blinds
Its straight lines allow a great finish transmitting beauty and sophistication either open or closed and at the same time, they provide your room with a wonderful visual display.  They are available in translucent fabrics as well, blackout or natural fibres. They are finished with straight band in MDF wood, aluminium or chalet in tissue. Its activation can be manual or motor-driven.
Vertical Blinds
They are stylish, available in translucent fabrics, semi-opaque and opaque, with lateral or bilateral gathering, valuing windows with long extension with many decorating styles. They are manufactured in three tissue types: decorative (from natural fibres such as cotton and linen), functional (known as solar screens which allow external visibility while protecting the excessive intake of ambient heat) or opaque ( to 100% blocking of the passage of light through a blackout lining).
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