How to Clean Venetian Blinds Easily

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Tips about how to clean Venetian blinds without damaging!

Clean Venetian Blinds
Want to learn how to clean blinds correctly then follow me in this post I’ll teach you step by step what is the best way to do the cleaning of your blinds in a very practical way.
Venetian Blinds are ideal models to places where you want to get a clean view without much information, so are widely used in offices and sometimes also in residential environments, especially in kitchens and laundries.
Although they are easy to use in day-to-day to clean the shutters get you a little more work than traditional blinds, because it depending on the model of your blind the procedure for clearing can damage the blades.
Aluminium blinds are an example of fragile material when cleaned with open blades can knead, fold the ends or get wrinkled. Products for cleaning can also damage the shutters.
So it’s important to know how to clean and what materials to use to keep the blinds clean longer.



Remove the dusty can be made by using a hoover cleaner with a small nozzle in the form of “T” (always at low speed and without touching the shutter directly), or with a duster cleaner. Close the blades move smoothly towards blade (horizontal or vertical), then rotate the shade and repeat on the other side.
You can do this procedure every week to remove surface particles of the blind.
Hoover nozzle in the form of “T”
Hoover nozzle in the form of “T”


Duster Cleaner
Duster Cleaner
If you want to wash your blinds do not use appliances steam that can damage your blinds and also avoid products that contain alcohol or also bleaches in the composition.

No Bleach - Clean Venetian Blinds

Always use a mild soap and water and a damp cloth and with closed blinds pass gently in the front and preferably with another hand behind, to not bend the blade.
Attention if you are going to use cleaner shutters! When you are cleaning aluminium Venetian the use of cleaner shutters can bend the blades of your blinds because you should never clean your horizontal louver blade by blade when the shutter is open, it warps the blades and damage your blind.
In the case of wooden shutters, after being cleaned with mild soap and be completely dry, they can be hydrated. You can use a dry cloth with furniture polish, it helps to protect the wood, because the mild soap can dry the wood and these products moisturize and create a waterproofing layer.

Wooden Clean Venetian Blinds

We also recommend you to ask for a professional cleaning, at least once a year, for a complete cleaning, this way you prolong the life of your blind.
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