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* Manager files that hold valuable information.
* Archive files for long term storage.
* Recover files, even if the original file has been deleted or accidentally deleted.
KeyMacro works automatically after installation. The setup wizard will guide you through the installation of the application and then create one default user account. You need to enter a password for this user.
How to use KeyMacro:
1. Choose the file you want to recover from the folder list on the left of the screen.
2. Click the “Recover File” button.
3. Select the file or folder that you want to recover. You can select multiple files and folders if necessary.
4. Click the “Recover Files” button. The progress of the recovery will be displayed on the right.
* Your recovery will be saved to the current working directory (the directory where KeyMacro is running from) if you select the “Archive Files” option. If you want to archive the files to other folders, please choose the “Archive Files” option.
* If you select the “Recover Files” option, your recover files will be saved to the “Archive folder” you choose to save them to. There are several “Archive folders” you can choose.
You can add files to the archive list by right-clicking on the “Archive Files” list and selecting “Add Files”.
To recover a file, you can select the “Recover Files” option and the “Recover Files” button.
You can select multiple files to recover and recover multiple files at the same time.
* When the file you want to recover is open, you can select and recover the file by right-clicking on the open file and selecting “Recover File” and the “Recover File” button. You can also select multiple files to recover and recover the files at the same time.
* If the “Recover Files” option is not displayed on the left, try to log off the computer to recover. Or, uninstall and reinstall KeyMacro.
Also, see the reference on the lower right hand of this page for more information about the application. 
If you have any question or if you want to provide your own feedback, please send me an email to mailto:[email 384a16bd22

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KeyMMacro for Windows is an easy to use MIDI multi-controller patching plugin which allows to modify the parameters of your controller’s MIDI messages with keyboard or external MIDI controllers.

Welcome to the Cineform Plugin library.
Cineform is a free and powerful video & audio editing toolset specifically designed to be used with Cineform modules, but it can also work with other non-Cineform plugins such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier, and Avid. With Cineform, you can record, edit, play, and mix video and audio. Use the full spectrum of Cineform tools: camera, audio recorder, full screen video editor, audio editor, video editor, video sequence editor, effects, audio/video compander, chroma keying, visualizer, format converter, etc.
Cineform is a very powerful and easy to use toolset that allows the users to create cinematic quality media and music videos with just a few clicks. Whether you’re just getting started, or you are a seasoned pro, Cineform will open up your world of video editing to new heights.
This page shows some of the most common tasks we recommend that users accomplish with Cineform, including
1) Saving a sequence as a stand-alone file, a.swf movie, or a QuickTime file
2) Saving a sequence to a folder (or a file server) on your computer
3) Recording audio
4) Copying a segment of your sequence
5) Merging multiple sequences into a single longer sequence
6) Recording a new audio clip to match the length of a sequence
7) Combining a sequence with another sequence
8) Applying transitions, loops, transitions, and time adjustments
9) Adding video titles
10) Synchronizing the video and audio track
11) Creating screenshots or thumbnail images of your media
12) Saving and playing your finished sequence
13) Compressing media for emailing, sharing on social media, or uploading to the web
14) Combining a sequence with a blank video, and creating a custom media player
15) Re-recording your project
16) Extracting audio from a clip
17) Creating Cineform animations and interactions
18) Slicing a sequence into clips
19) Working with audio and video in a multi-editor environment
20) Rearranging your sequence order
21) Removing parts of a sequence
22) Previewing video


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