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This extension is added to the Android SDK for BlackBerry OS and it enables programmers to access the unique resources of the BlackBerry OS using macros. This extension is commonly used in conjunction with the Java.Net.HTTP class for programming. Developers can use macros to execute any function within the BlackBerry OS environment.
Macros are defined using an Aspose Macro Language. The Aspose Macro Language is a scripting language that is designed to provide programmers with the capability to write functions in BlackBerry OS by writing in a high level language. Developers can execute a macro from the script by writing a short statement in the form of a function.
This extension provides three types of macros:
The execInMacro type enables users to enter a special macro keyword and execute the macro.
The execMacro type enables users to execute a macro keyword
The execMacroRecursive type enables users to execute a macro within a macro.
The execMacro and execInMacro type macros are executed in the context of the application and are not available to the user. The execMacroRecursive type macros are executed in the context of the application and in the background. These macros are executed and finished after a certain amount of time passes.


It sounds like your problem is the format of the text file. The formatting isn’t in the text file itself, it’s in the.docx file. You can open up your.docx in a text editor and try to remove formatting. You can also do a search for the word “font” and remove any. Sometimes it’s better to leave the formatting (paragraphs and such) in the file because it will be easier to read. You’ll also have to update all the other.docx files to use the new formatting.
One thing I’ve done in the past is to create a new.docx file and move all the text into it. When you open that.docx in word it will recreate the formatting.

Masakazu Okazaki was drafted 11th overall in the first round of the 2015 NHL draft.

He’s a former champion of Canada’s national under-17 team and has played for the OHL’s Sarnia Sting. He’s 19 years old.

This is the first clip of his first-round no-trade list.

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This application allows you to record your typing on the Mac and save it as a series of macros. The user can then set keystrokes and can choose between two output types.
A user can select the output from a list of application the user would like to have their commands applied, such as Apple Mail or Safari, and then choose a file extension to be used. Keymacro generates a text file containing the keystrokes.
Simple Recording
Keymacro allows you to take a basic list of keystrokes and apply them repeatedly to any application that has a menu bar. This is particularly useful for text applications, such as text editors.
Advanced Options
The user can control the following aspects of the recording process:
* Duration: The user can choose a specified time for the recording to be applied and can choose whether to repeat a keystroke.
* Data: If the user chooses to repeat the keystroke, the application will be presented with a confirmation window.
* Application: Choose the application to be recorded. This will allow you to record different keystrokes in different applications.
* Output: The user can choose whether to save the recording as a text file or as an application or an AppleScript file.
* File Extension: The user chooses a file extension to save the recording as.
The user can also choose the location to save the file and the file path.
Keymacro also includes a “Delete” button to remove the previously recorded macro.
* Macro recording of any keystrokes on the menu bar.
* Record any keystroke or character.
* Record a list of keystrokes.
* Record multiple keystrokes at a time.
* Save the recorded file as an application file.
* Save the recorded file as a text file.
* Save the recorded file as an AppleScript file.
* Create a document that contains the keystrokes.
* View the recorded text as it is recorded.
* Automatically “Select All” while recording.
* Record and repeat keystrokes.
* Configure each time a keystroke is recorded and outputted.
* Configure the length of the recording and repeat a keystroke.
* Configure the save path for the application.
* Delete the recorded file.
Enyio Description:
Enyio is a powerful application that can be used to record audio from any input source and save it as a custom audio clip


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