Actia Multidiag Hex Dump Pic12f629 29 🔼

Actia Multidiag Hex Dump Pic12f629 29 🔼

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Actia Multidiag Hex Dump Pic12f629 29

Actia Manufacturer also provide a USB MODBUS interface to comunicate with the PIONEER PMU, currently V76.07.02, it only works with VIC-6002 – 6005 model. It means I would had to do some programming to create a USB Modbus interface software (or just translate all the interface in Delphi). I told them but they never reply me. But if there is such a thing you can contact them on this email in

Now I have the hardware and the software for a PSA interface to the PIONEER PMU with a HEX DUMP of all the registers, I can compare my hardware dump of the non-elecigean PSA interface to the dump of the new OEM hardware I have and prove that it is indeed identical or at least not be better. But for me the real adventure is to figure what kind of software can I easily make to read the new digital interface. Anyway I will spend less time on this as soon as the OEM is release.

You need to load it with this device letter: USB\VID_18E6&PID_5000&REV_0407&0fff&0a05&1f1f which has 3 set of values. If you don’t know what those numbers mean you can load it with the Add new device option and select the VID:PID:REV or the set of values depending on what is your original device, once you have loaded it just select the Actia software in the USB\VID_18E6&PID_5000&REV_0407&0fff&0a05&1f1f and press start, it will install the driver and when it finishes it will appear in the USB\VID_18E6&PID_5000&REV_0407&0fff&0a05&1f1f as the ACTIA USB Command Board.

2nd generation software supports dual channel J2534-1, J2534-2 and single channel J2534-3. It also has an option to change the letter. If you want to change the letter you can load this version of the software by: USB\VID_18E6&PID_1000&REV_0407&0fff&0a05&1f1f,If you need to change the channel and the channel letter just insert the values in the “Channel CH” and “Channel Letter” boxes, don’t forget to change the “Channel Type” to “Dual channel”, it will match all related devices like new Actia 2nd gen, New Actia 3rd gen and other as well. You also need to clear the channel from “Dual channel” to “Single channel”. After you have changed the values just select the “Next” button. It will install the software. Once it’s finished it will appear in the USB as ACTIA USB Command Board.


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