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Note that this book deals with professional work. Some tools and features of Photoshop that are covered are only available in the paid version. And some people find that the free version of Photoshop is quite capable for their needs.

Artists create images that require some or all of the following. They need to:

Create or edit images with layers. These can be text layers, image layers, adjustment layers, and so on.

Create layers that exhibit transparency.

Add or remove layers. You can create new layers with the New Layer button on the toolbar, duplicate layers, and move layers.

Use the marquee tool to select and create new layers and to cut and paste between existing layers.

Create masks, which allow you to cut and paste parts of an image or create shadows and highlights.

Remove artifacts from images by using the eraser.

Use one or more tools to manipulate images to create the look of a painting, a film, or a photograph.

This book demonstrates that with a little effort, Photoshop is a useful and productive tool that professionals should include on their toolkits.

Understanding the Dialog Box

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced user of Photoshop, understanding the dialog box is the first step in mastering the program. For example, when you choose File⇒Open or press Alt+O, the Open dialog box appears. You can select a file from your hard drive or from a folder in your computer’s file system. Once you select the image, the image appears in your project window. You can open multiple files at once, and you can cycle through them with the page or thumbnail view buttons. If you hover over any of the file names, you see a tooltip with information about the file.

Changing the view

Like many programs, Photoshop has multiple view options. In addition to the page and thumbnail views, you can view images as a painting, a film, or a photograph.

For all three views, the image you’ve opened appears on one side of the window and the browser you’re using appears on the other side.

The three views are described in the following sections.

Page view

The page view is shown in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1: You can view images as a painting, a photograph, or a film with the page view.

Photograph view

If you select the Shapes tool and click a spot

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We’ll talk about how to achieve a realistic look in any photo, with the help of layers, masks, masks, and some other tips and tricks.

Create awesome images with layers, masks, and filters.

If you can’t afford Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements will be a suitable alternative to Photoshop, with a huge community of talented people ready to help.

Learn how to achieve a realistic look in any photo, with layers, masks, masks, and filters.

What are Photoshop layers? How do they work?

A layer is a separate surface, which you can move, copy, and connect to other images or layers.

Each layer has a unique color and texture, allowing you to work with an image as individual objects.

You can combine these layers to create new image layers, like shadows, reflections, frames, and other interesting effects.

And when you’re ready, change the order in which the layers appear by moving them using the Move tool.

When you open your images, Photoshop automatically adds a Layer Stack Panel, which displays the layers on top of one another.

Follow the steps below to start creating layers:

Step 1: Use the New Layer tool.

Click on the New Layer button on the bottom right corner of the Layers Panel.

Click on the New Layer tool and make sure that the grayscale icon is checked.

This will create a new layer on top of the current layer.

Step 2: Add Text to Your Layer.

When you create a new layer, Photoshop Elements prompts you to specify its properties. We’ll continue creating a new layer by using the Text tool.

When you create a new layer with the Text tool, Photoshop Elements automatically creates a Text Layer.

To change the font, use the Format menu. It contains all the available formatting options for the Text Layer.

If you want to add some text to the layer, click inside the image.

Hold the Shift key to select the entire layer.

Click the text tool.

Then type your text.

Step 3: Let Photoshop Elements know which layer to add the text.

If you plan to add text, Photoshop Elements gives you the option of modifying the Color of the layer.

It will update the color of the layer according to the settings you choose.

If you

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The History panel shows a record of the last few steps performed on an image.
The Filters panel allows you to apply various filters, such as sepia, black and white, blur, sharpen, and clone, to images.
You can add text using the tools on the Type panel.
Once an image is sized and arranged, you can apply various special effects and 3-D objects using the Effect panel.

There are various steps to converting your image into a 3-D object. It is usually done in the following order:
1. Enable/disable Snap, Reposition.
2. Move the image layer into position.
3. Trim. This removes the unnecessary portions of the image.
4. Compress the layers. This takes care of any unnecessary space in the layers, making them easier to read.
5. Scale the image to fit on a 3-D surface. You can use the Move tool to manipulate the layer. You can click anywhere on the image surface to select it, and use the up and down arrows to move the layer up or down.

In addition to all these mentioned tools, there are others too. Some of them include the Eraser tool, the Spot Healing Brush, the Pen tool, the Gradient Tool, and the Shadow/Highlight tool.

The Other Features mentioned are :

Multiple Layers :

There are various layers in the image editor. For editing an image you might need to alter a few different layers, such as the color, brightness, or location of a specific object. You can move these layers using the Move tool.

What is a Layer?

Layering is often used in the digital world to present or edit a specific area in the photo separately, and then merge it with the other layers to get the end result.

Layers contain any of the following items:

Colors – Variations of colors including color, hue, saturation, and luminosity. The other options are explained here.
Effects – Watermark, distortion, and dust.
Tones – Shades of gray.
Text – Font, layout, and color.
Elements – Objects or shapes that appear within an image.
Filters – Make the image look shiny, watercolor, glossy, and other effects.

Image Adjustment Layers

Image adjustment layers are created to alter and adjust parts of images. They are different from layers in the sense that they can be

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