Airbus A330 VACBI CBT

airbus had believed the a330 was a jet engine performance derivative of the b747-400f. it was thought that the a330 may find itself a market share success at the same price as the b747-400f if the fuel consumption could be reduced. the a330 received a new high bypass ratio pw1100g. airbus thought the engines were so good that they went ahead and incorporated them into a new smaller twin. the type rating training did not include the new configuration of the aft cabin exits, or the ils handling qualities. i was not a very good instructor, but were good about giving credit to where credit was due. when i began my training i made notes, their comments were kind and helpful and they knew that i would not be any good at flying the a330200. when i finally became an instructor i expressed my reservations about the a330 type rating, i told them i would not fly the a330200 i became an instructor just before delivery of the first a330200 in september of 2000. i never wanted to fly the a330200 due to the lack of experience and information in the training.

when i began flight training i looked around at my peers. there was a special instructor school that had never even seen the new a330 before. they had been flying the b727, 737, b767, for years. their first question to me was why were we flying these new engines. it took a long time for them to see the light. they eventually changed my mind and in september of 2000 i began flight training with the a330200.

vacbi a320-200. see more ideas about aircraft log book, aircraft airport guides and airport guide. and this is a guide for a330-200 pilots. cbt: airbus a 320 cbt free download for windows informer.. the engineering department of airbus provides pilots with a comprehensive training concept, and is devoted to enhancing knowledge and ensuring the safe operation of the airbus brand. airbus continue to ensure the best working conditions for our company employees with the support of a comprehensive training program that has helped airbus to significantly increase its level of knowledge and safety in the airline industry. airbus. the airbus a320 family is a series of medium-to-large, twin-engine, short-to-medium range narrow-body jet airliners operated by airbus. it is the third generation of the successful a300 family of twin-engine, low-wing delta wing designs, which is being built at four manufacturing sites with production of over 8,000 aircraft since 1967. air airbus a320-200/302/320 free download -. airbus a330 vacbi cbt – free download 953376380. airbus a330 4074-194–cbt flt e190. a330 maintenance manual. airbus a380. airbus a330. a320/a321. a330/319/320/321/323/330 cbt – airbus a330 vacbi a320-200. a330 – france – hong kong airport. a330 fcom pdf. a330 – germany – düsseldorf airport. a330. a330 systems course is an online pilot training course that covers all the major a320 aircraft systems. start your online a320 type rating training now! airbus a330 vacbi cbt – free download 972553786. airbus a330 training manual complete cbt is available in our digital library an online. airways is a complete fleet service provider offering a comprehensive range of services and solutions to meet airline needs. we provide a wide range of services tailored to the needs of airlines with functions including air in/out, crew, fleet, flight operations and maintenance, safety, supply and it. we are headquartered in stockholm and have offices in gothenburg, paris, los angeles and auckland. airbus a330 vacbi cbt airbus a330 vacbi cbt – facebook – twitter – airbus –

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