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. Architect 3D is a professional 3D computer aided design and 3D modeling application..

MetriQ Enterprise Architect Build 2158

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I am using the Ruby on Rails 5 framework and am using the nokogiri gem.
I have set the application.time_zone in my development.rb file to Eastern Standard Time.
Also, I am aware that ActiveRecord.config.time_zone is configured within a model.
However, when a model does not find documents, ActiveRecord inspects the time zone of the MySQL database and ignores the ActiveRecord.config.time_zone because it is not configured in the database.
If I change the time_zone within the MySQL database to “Eastern Standard Time” I expect to see results. However, this is not the case.


The timezone that Rails is reading from is “ActiveRecord.config.time_zone” which is different than the one your database is reading from.
“ActiveRecord.config.time_zone” is an environment variable on the machine that your application is running on. When you start your rails application, the environment variables are set up. Therefore you have two timezones set for the application: environment.timezone and activerecord.time_zone.
If you are not confused about the difference, then you can simply set the timezone in the database using this
alter table alter column TIMEZONETYPE ‘timezone’;

Your Rails app will be reading the timezone from the database and your environment.timezone will be ignored.

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