Arcon Eleco 2010 Professional 19 [BETTER] ⏩


Arcon Eleco 2010 Professional 19

our entry level arcon designer edition is not only designed to bring the concept of self-building software to life, but its intuitive features make it an enjoyable design tool. it makes the process more accessible and enjoyable than simply using a traditional cad package.

as we have seen, with the right software, you can design large scale projects, manage architectural teams and departments in a way that has never been possible before. by providing visual construction elements as well as importing and exporting of bim data, it allows for quick and efficient communication between the client and construction team. with arcon, complex projects can be efficiently and quickly managed in a way that has never been possible.

arcon provides all that is required for your clients to be able to visualise your work and share it in the bim format. not only does it allow you to visualise your project more efficiently, but it provides an extremely flexible solution. when the project is complete, the bim model can be exported directly to the construction database allowing for extremely fast update of any other design documentation. this results in a project that is easily understood, shared between clients and construction professionals and updates the way that projects are designed and built. it also provides the information required for the client to be able to change their plans at any time should they need to. this is achieved with an integrated timetable that can be used to display a realistic and up to date project progress.

arcon’s strength is its ability to fully visualise in a completely real time environment and the ability to test its functionality in a virtual environment is a significant advantage. the arcon software will soon be able to model and construct your building almost as if it were actually there.


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