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AutoCAD was designed by Brian Harry (1956-2018), who was one of the first employees of the Autodesk who also worked at the California Institute of Technology. Harry was the lead designer for AutoCAD, and is considered by many to be the father of the commercial CAD industry. Historically, the first released version of AutoCAD, known as Autodesk Project Server 1.0, was released in December 1982. AutoCAD is used by architects and engineers, CAD operators, marketers, and students. It has more than 750,000 users and 10,000,000 software licenses sold every year, and has been used to design or modify buildings, bridges, tunnels, vehicles, industrial machinery, bridges, ships, wind turbines, rockets, and aircraft. AutoCAD is used worldwide by professionals and students. The latest version is AutoCAD 2020, and it was announced in September 2019. Autodesk was acquired by 2.0 billion in 2013. It has operated as Autodesk since 2012. History 1980s In 1980, Autodesk, Inc. was founded by Brian Harry and Herb Karp as the first commercial CAD company. Karp and Harry had previously worked at the University of California, Berkeley’s Computer Graphics Laboratory, where they developed the RenderX image-rendering software. AutoCAD was introduced in December 1982. In 1983, the company opened offices in Cambridge, England, and the staff grew to 25 people. In 1985, the company moved its headquarters to San Rafael, California. In 1984, the company held its first conference, the International Autodesk Conference, in San Francisco. This conference was intended to give users a chance to interact with the software and find out about developments. The first CAD software to integrate both drafting and design capabilities, like other desktop CAD programs of the time, was released in 1985. The main feature in this version was support for a mouse interface, allowing users to draw with the cursor. The object-drawing capabilities of the program were new and important. In 1986, the firm began to use the brand name “Autodesk”. AutoCAD version 2 was released in 1987. In 1988, Autodesk Inc. became a privately held company, with shareholders of the firm taking up to 49% equity and debt of 51

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Access Library (AL) Access Library (AL), also called the Autodesk Access Library, was the predecessor to AutoLISP and Visual LISP. AL consists of native AutoLISP-like expressions or an “expression-oriented scripting language”, but in this case the scripting language has the aim to build script objects, which are similar to control structures and can be used to perform calculations and database updates in a data-aware manner. In the AL extensions for AutoCAD it is possible to use the AutoCAD ObjectARX library, but this support is not a full integration; it is possible to use the ObjectARX library directly but this means using the AL extensions for the IntelliSense and run time support is not available, whereas with AL it is available in AutoCAD. AL can be used directly with AutoCAD without the need for an AutoLISP or Visual LISP interpreter. History AutoCAD was developed in 1982 by the AutoDesk division of AutoCAD, Inc. and was first released in 1983. The first version of the application was a DOS-only product. In 1987, AutoCAD became available for Macintosh and Windows 3.1. In 1988, the first Windows version that could run AutoCAD from the CD was released, as was the first version of AutoCAD designed specifically for Windows NT. In 1990, the first release of AutoCAD on CD-ROM was also released. In 1993, AutoCAD introduced native Windows 3D capabilities, which allowed windows to be manipulated as 3D objects. This was the first major change in the graphical user interface (GUI) since 1987. In 1995, the first version of AutoCAD for Windows NT was released, and the native 3D interface was used in its entirety. AutoCAD for Windows was eventually bundled as a package with Windows 98. In 1994, AutoCAD introduced support for AutoCAD R14. It was the first release of AutoCAD to introduce file format versions to make backward compatibility more difficult. There were also major changes to the XREF code, for example the introduction of “listing” XREFs, and XML tags. In 1995, AutoCAD introduced graphic styles. In 1999, AutoCAD was ported to the Windows ME platform. In 2000, AutoCAD introduced the 3D DWG format. In 2001, AutoCAD XSI was introduced. af5dca3d97

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Markup Assist enables you to add text to a drawing with the same ease as pasting text and easily edit the markup with your keyboard or from a touchscreen. With no additional actions required, you can focus on drawing your next design. Improved User Experience: Get clear and accurate updates with a new, bigger and clearer User interface that is intuitively designed and easy to navigate. Animation within CAD: With the new Begin Drawing, Drawing Completed, and Drawing Locked buttons, you can trigger animations within your drawing. From the start button, you can use the on-screen pen tool and the annotation tool to draw directly on a drawing. You can use the drawing style option to choose between pen tool and annotation tool. The tool bar provides easy access to new tools and the new Repeat and Reverse tools for animation. A new Quick Access tool window allows you to quickly access recent drawings and reference materials. Automatic Resource Dialog: In addition to applying materials and color schemes, you can now change other drawing properties (such as the fill, linetype, opacity, and line weight) and you can also set these properties automatically. Enhancements to the Edit mode: You can use your keyboard or touchscreen to edit drawings directly on the drawing board or add symbols. You can also toggle the 3D view on and off. Selection Enhancements: You can select two or more objects at once with the selection tools. The undo and redo commands work more quickly and efficiently. More Capabilities to Enhance User Experience: You can find and use the new model space, an add-in that you can use with your CAD drawings. Find commands: You can find symbol definitions in your drawing or use a filter to find only the symbols you need. With the Find Symbol command you can even find the symbols in the document library. When you find the symbols, you can find their definitions and information about them, including help text and linked files. You can also open the link and load the file into the drawing. Display layouts and sharing: The new 2D or 3D display settings allow you to choose the most convenient view. You can now share your drawings using cloud-based features. What’s new in AutoCAD 2020 Markup Import and Markup Assist: Markup Assist enhances the collaboration experience

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 Processor: Dual-core 2.5 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible card (1GB or higher) Storage: 100 MB available space Recommend: Processor: Quad-core 3.0 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 10.1 compatible card (2GB or higher) Compatibility Notes: We

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