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AutoCAD Crack + PC/Windows

The first desktop version, 2.5, was released in 1983, and continued to evolve and be expanded, eventually reaching its final form as AutoCAD Serial Key 2014, released in September 2013.

AutoCAD Product Key’s features are not meant to compete with Google SketchUp, but to complement it and make it more useful and accessible.


Here are the basic features of AutoCAD Crack Free Download:

Object-modeling and rendering: The primary and most complex feature of AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version. Objects consist of both geometric shapes (blocks, lines, arcs, circles, etc.) and textural representations (shapes with texture, 3D solid shapes, etc.). The resulting drawings can be displayed in 2D, 3D, and even video (wireframe and raytracing). AutoCAD also has the ability to easily convert and render all of these objects in other CAD programs, so that they can be further edited in the native program.

Keyboard shortcuts: AutoCAD supports over 3,500 keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts make the program easy to learn, but at the same time making things faster and more efficient.

Documentation: AutoCAD has a rich variety of documentation tools available. The basic documentation tool is the Help button (?), which takes you to the online Help Center and then to whatever topic you selected. The online Help Center has over 1,000 articles, which are organized into 16 categories. The user can search for specific topics using the search box. A good place to start with AutoCAD is the “My AutoCAD Guide” that contains all of the latest information about new products, features, tools, and fixes.

Extensibility: AutoCAD is extensible and supports many of the most popular add-on products, such as myRA, IronCAD, TIA, PLA, CAX, and many others.

Share: AutoCAD is an intuitive tool to share your drawings with others. Features such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive can be used to directly upload files or share them via a link.

Online: The online application allows users to view, edit, create, and save drawings. It includes a full-featured Web Browser, editable drawings, and an online Help Center.

AutoCAD does not provide the user with a drawing area or selection tools. You do not need to “draw” in the traditional sense.

AutoCAD Crack+ [Win/Mac]

Drawings can be in DXF, DWG, DGN, DWF and PSD formats.

Other CAD software

Borland Inventor
Autodesk Revit
AECO Revit
DXF Studio

In addition, the ability to import/export to many other file types is included with Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen, and other CAD software may optionally include such features.

Autocad Mechanical


AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is an earlier version of AutoCAD which was based on the earlier release of AutoCAD. It was provided by Autodesk under the GNU General Public License. It was discontinued in 2004.

AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD LT 2010
AutoCAD 2010 (and later AutoCAD LT 2010) is a more powerful and feature-rich replacement for AutoCAD R13 (AutoCAD 2000 to AutoCAD 2006). AutoCAD 2010 is freely available as the default CAD application for Windows and Mac. For unsupported platforms (such as Mac) AutoCAD LT 2010 can be purchased. It is a shareware CAD application.

In December 2008, Autodesk announced the release of AutoCAD LT 2010 (AutoCAD 2010 technical preview release 2). It was available on May 2, 2009 for the Mac OS X platform. Autodesk also announced a version for the Linux platform.

AutoCAD is a frequently updated software release and is now nearing the end of its support cycle, due to which new features and fixings are not supported.

AutoCAD has been available for Mac for many years. Autodesk began supporting Autodesk for Mac in 2007 with AutoCAD 2007.

AutoCAD 2010 is not backward compatible with AutoCAD LT 2010. Although AutoCAD LT 2010 has a function to run existing AutoCAD 2009 files, it is recommended that users migrate to AutoCAD 2010 by installing AutoCAD 2010 on their computers.

Autodesk FreeCAD

Autodesk FreeCAD (originally dubbed FreeCAD) is an open-source CAD software, which is developed by an Autodesk-sponsored company, Open Design Alliance. It has been released under the GNU GPL. FreeCAD is mostly used for architecture and civil engineering drawing creation, although it can be used for other purposes. Its

AutoCAD Crack + Serial Key

– Import the ai file that contains the object. (e.g.
(Open file in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2017\Support Files\2.0\AIEditor\Acad)
– Click on Advanced Tools in the Options section.
– Click on the Add button.
– Select File System.
– Click Open.
– Select a file on the computer to be opened in Acad.

– Check the Close On Error box.
– Click OK to exit Advanced Tools.
– You will see that the file was saved on the program’s default file path.

– Export the CAD file that contains the object.
(Open file in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2017\Support Files\2.0\AIEditor\Acad)
– Select Advanced Tools in the Options section.
– Click on the Add button.
– Select File System.
– Click Open.
– Select a file on the computer to be exported.

– Check the Close On Error box.
– Click OK to exit Advanced Tools.

– You will see that the file was saved on the program’s default file path.

How to load a template

Create the first run document by dragging templates that you wish to use
when you open a file.

To begin the first run, go to File > New > Run. When you open the New Run dialog, the Name field is automatically pre-filled with the most recently opened file’s name. If you want to make changes to this file, click the drop down arrow next to the Name field, click Browse and navigate to the file. Click Open.

Run the first run document.

The Runs window opens automatically. If it does not, click Window, and then click Runs.

To open the Runs window, go to File > New > Runs.

You will see the name of the most recently opened file. If there are no more files open, you will see the following message:
There are no files open. You need to open a file.

If there are more than one file open, then the Runs window shows the name of the most recently opened file.

To run the document with a different template, select a new template and click Open.

How to save changes

Once a

What’s New in the?

Work with several documents at once: Send and incorporate feedback in two different CAD documents at once. (video: 5:14 min.)

Share your feedback with others: Click the “Share feedback” button on a design that you want to share and share it with others. (video: 4:46 min.)

Draw directly on the screen: Work in a detailed screen environment, and draw directly on screen using your mouse, keyboard, or pen. No special hardware required.

New color theme: Highlight changes in color with a customizable color theme. See changes and common errors more clearly.

Faster, easier annotation creation with AutoShape:

Cut your time for building Autoshapes to a minimum. Select your geometric shape, and AutoShape can handle the rest. You no longer need to cut each shape into its own component.

Automatically split a polyline or spline into components. For example, select a polyline or spline and choose Path | Split Path. Then, choose how many parts you want and select the option that best fits your needs.

Draw shapes directly on a large screen: Use the new & design for drawing on a large screen.

Draw lines and shapes with precision with Arrow:

Draw lines or arrows at precisely the angle you want. For example, draw a line from one corner of your screen to another corner with the new “Arrow” tool.

Insert, move, and connect objects with Snap:

Use the new “Snap” tool to quickly move, rotate, and resize your drawings. You can also connect objects with the new “Sketch” tool, which updates your selection to include the object that you draw.

Draw lines and shapes without converting them to polylines:

Draw with the new “Line” tool to draw non-polyline shapes.

Use the new “Lasso” tool to select lines, shapes, and other objects.

Use the new “Filled Polyline” tool to draw free-form polylines.

Use the new “Sketch” tool to quickly join shapes.

Split and combine curves:

Use the new & dialog box to convert curves to arcs or splines.

Copy, mirror, rotate, scale, and flip:

Copy, mirror,

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8
CPU: 1.6 GHz or faster processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
Audio: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Internet: Internet connection
Hard Drive: 6 GB
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