Autumn Decoration – 8 Useful Tips for Your Home

Autumn is the change season. The time to prepare our house for winter and slowly get used to the cold temperatures. It’s time to  adapt the decor to this new time of year. There are several tricks to be able to give new air to your space without having to spend much. Just a touch here and there, and the difference is in a plain view. Take these ideas to start changing your decor today.

Swapping the cushions is a basic and foolproof trick to change the mood of any home. Whether in the living room, bedroom or office, any space that has cushions will look completely different when we use new fabrics, tones and even formats. In the summer we opted for a decoration with more linens, we risk more with bright and cheerful colors, and we use more minimalist sizes that do not make us hot. In autumn and winter, the exact opposite is desired, with darker colors and warmer fabrics. Suede, cashmere, or even fluffy cushions fall super good! You will notice the difference!

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Flowers are another element that can and should change in the decoration of your home. Always opt for seasonal flowers, such as yellow daisies, lilies, and echinacea. They will withstand better the temperature inside and outside the house and your guests will love that you continue to receive them with so many colors.



In autumn the smells are others. We associate summer with fresher, more citric, more active fragrances and, on the other hand, autumn always gives way to smells more related to wood, grapefruit, wine … Aromas like vanilla, more sweet and intense … Like this , by rapidly changing aromatic candles, incense sticks, or even air-purifying sprays to suitable ones, you will immediately notice a difference in the air of your home! Simple, cheap and does so well to our soul!

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Yankee Candles


You do not have to buy new decorative pieces, it can perfectly give an autumnal touch to the ones you already have … For example, decorate the centerpieces with dried fruit, dried leaves or fill baskets with pine cones that you caught on a walk. It looks very beautiful and elegant.

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Also the dining table can be changed at this time. Arrange the lace and white tablecloths and replace them with a décor in autumn tones. If you do not like browns and oranges, greens are also a key color for this season. The olive green or even a greener green work very well. Then to decorate, you can arrange a series of apples and place them to your liking inside a large bowl. It gives a lovely table arrangement and the dining room gets soon with another air.



In the bathroom, if you have more than one set of cloths, keep the lighter ones and place a darker ones. You do not need to have a house with a very dark decor, just the right shades for you! A grená looks beautiful, but a light beige is also! Make the sets to your liking and, if you prefer, keep everything clearer and opt only to change the details, such as the base for the soap !! It’s a good one, is not it?



Final touch!

This trick is probably the most effective of all! Friends, the light of your house is capable of EVERYTHING for you! A white light is totally inadvisable for environments that want to be more warm and warm in the autumn! The bulbs should be replaced with warmer, yellower and less strong tones! The ambience is in the so-called “half light” so that you feel much more comfortable and in peace. The white lights are very exciting! If you can, opt for lower lighting with corner lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and never ceiling lamps. So you can have more control over the state of mind you want to give to space. One tip: Use LED bulbs, spend less and save you immense money.

Autumn Decoration - Lights



In the bedroom the same rule applies as in the living room. The cool walk, with light, flowery sheets, is now asking for something a little more cozy! Adding some volume, changing the duvet, will make a huge difference. Use those that look very cute! Then add a soft blanket or blanket to the foot of the bed and soft tones – it will give the finishing touch! If you use curtains in this room of your house, you can also change them to some more autumn. This is a good time to risk on standards. Have a good time!

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