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From the routine that needs to be adapted to fit medical appointments into financial planning, which now needs to include expenses of one more person, the arrival of a baby causes many changes in family life. Among the various concerns of the parents, the assembly of the room is one of the most expensive of all preparations to receive the newest member of the family.

There is a great deal of caring for this new and important home environment, and while décor is one of the most exciting aspects of this process, the most important considerations about the baby’s room still concern the comfort and health of the the beauty of the room.

Therefore, making the space more functional and accessible is essential, especially for parents, who will need to meet the needs of the child quickly and in the least laborious way possible.

What should I consider first?


So, first of all, it is important to arrange the furniture so that the circulation space is quite free. A problem related to the excess of furniture can leave the room exaggerated and recommends that the trousseau be purchased in quantity that can be stored without requiring more adaptations in the room.

United to space issues, other details should also be seen as a priority. To ensure a good quality sleep for the baby, the location of the windows should be well combined with the position of the crib in order to provide the child with good ventilation and lighting that does not interfere with their breastfeeding routine, security against falls and entry of insects, for example. The thermal comfort can be provided in conjunction with the floor chosen for the room, which should also be easy to clean.


Furniture Ideas


In the first months of life, the baby’s room needs to be more attuned to the needs of the parents, but as soon as the child begins to explore the environment, other care and some attractions are needed. In order to avoid major renovations, efforts and expense, a smart solution is to plan the room so that it can be adapted to different ages just by replacing furniture or decorative items.

To ensure your comfort and let nothing be lacking for your child’s basic care, we selected the essential items for the baby’s room, remembering that it does not take much to get quality furniture, and the cost benefit must always be taken into account, since some items can last for years and be reinvented to suit different phases of the child’s life. It is also worth mentioning that having all these items in the baby’s room is not an obligation and it is possible to adapt the room according to its possibilities to receive the child with comfort and safety.

Crib: As the most important baby room furniture, the crib should be of good quality and worth a higher investment, especially if the model makes it possible to bed frame later.

Chest of drawers: both for storing clothes and parts of the trousseau and for storing hygiene products, the dresser can be next to the exchanger or even be the base of it. Thus, the changing of diapers and clothes is facilitated by the possibility of having everything at hand.


Armchair: an optional furniture is the armchair, which can be positioned in the child’s room, mainly for the comfort of the mother, who can breastfeed the baby with greater convenience.

Accessories ideias


Exchanger: Can be integrated with the dresser or a loose object, the exchanger is usually made as a thin foam mattress lined with fabric and plastic material, which facilitates its cleaning. The piece can be combined with the theme or the colours of the room or it can be neutral tones.

Basket: to facilitate the transport of the sleeping baby, it is recommended that a basket or even the cart is always available to the parents and has a right place to be stored.

Shelves: are the best alternative for cases where a dresser with drawers is not an option. Your installation can be done just above the exchanger so that baby hygiene items are arranged neatly and within reach of the parents.

Window blinds: Light and heat protection is a great accessory to help parent putting baby to sleep. As some of them love to be awake during the nights the blackout options is interesting when you have too much light coming from the windows. Also, during winter it keep the heating inside the room. We suggest for baby’s room the roller blinds and silhouette blinds that are easy to clean and enhance the beauty of the room. You can check here other styles of window blinds.

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