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Have you bought the game “Cargo Train Simulator 2015” and have the delivered the package “Game of the Year” including a version for Windows 10?
If yes, you are lucky because Cargo Train Simulator 2015 is now available for Windows 10 as well.

Just click here to download the game.
Please note that you need to have at least Wine version 0.6.4 before using this version.

Erstes Spiel gegenüber Steam:
Der erste Spiel gegenüber Steam ist Cargo Train Simulator 2015 (Mit Linux-Steuerung), die ich bei Steam spielen und den Preis ziehen lassen würde: $29.99, der einen 50 % Rabatt ermöglicht

Wenn du Cargo Train Simulator 2015 nicht gekauft oder nicht gespielt hast, solltest du heute mit der Veröffentlichung kommen und die Abende in zwei Spielzeugen spielen. Denn: Hier geht es richtig los:

We are proud to announce the final release of Cargo Train Simulator 2015.
When buying the game from the store the Steam version of the game will be up for grabs from today.
Just look for the “Steam” version in the top menu and you will see the file and the price tag.
Play and enjoy!

We are proud to announce the final release of Cargo Train Simulator 2015.
When buying the game from the store the Steam version of the game will be up for grabs from today.
Just look


Chemically Bonded Features Key:

  • A heaven-inspired Eye of Ouroboros using an advanced blend of Claymation, 2D and 3D techniques
  • Full Free gameplay, no ads, no popup, no killjoys, no restrictions
  • Bonus Cross-Controller in split-screen
  • Key Game Components:

    Available platforms: PS4, Xbox One
    Available languages: English
    Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing
    Categories: Action, Adventure, Simulation
    Players: 1

    What can I do in the game:


    Chemically Bonded

    Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going minecart racing, but also about surviving and thriving in a world that wants you dead, or at least very unhappy.


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    In this game you must arrange all of the other wallpapers. Helping the other wallpapers are easy. When a photo is placed on the screen, the hand on the left side of the screen will have a brush, and a select button. The first of the four wallpapers can be selected by clicking on the photo image. However, if the wallpaper is not placed in the right side of the screen then the above hand will change. When the round is over, you will be notified of the results of the match. Successful wallpapers will be required to continue to the next round. The more wallpapers you collect, the more powerful your character becomes.
    Support for Features:
    ・Wallpapers Selection: You can select up to 4 wallpapers.
    ・Can check and select wallpapers and a photo that you want.
    ・Can make photo-books that include wallpapers.
    ・Access “ARSLAN – Wall Paper Set 3” content from the website.
    ・Wallpapers can be checked and deleted after use.
    ・Is easy to browse, and find the images.
    ・The more powerful your character gets, the more powerful the wallpapers get.
    ・Can change the Wallpaper order
    ・Editing and modifying are allowed
    ・Wallpapers are sorted into the following sections:
    – Anime
    – Movies
    – Music
    – Models
    – Cars
    ・Multiple wallpapers can be placed on the screen.
    ・In this game, you have the ability to view the gamesmanship to provide the most powerful collection of content.
    ・There is no limitation when arranging the images.
    ・You can change the lighting in each scene.
    ・It is easy to see the image colors and position from anywhere.
    ・Selected screens can be stored in multiple pages
    ・You can also save the photo content in “ARSLAN” Gallery.
    ・The GALLERY can be viewed even if the game is not running.
    ・Selecting and deleting a photo are possible even in the GALLERY.
    ・You can check and sort contents.
    ・It is easy to create wallpapers for each of the photo content.
    ・You can copy wallpapers from “ARSLAN – Wallpaper Set 3” to GALLERY.
    ・You can create photo-books from “ARSLAN – Wallpaper Set 3”
    ・You can also create “ARSLAN – Wallpaper Set 3” photo-books.


    What’s new in Chemically Bonded:

    beds. Interiors were marvels of design… I’ll never forget going onto St Jean de Luz last December and discovering the bedlift in this lovely little ‘hospitality’ chalet with a little lift inside it: this is that very special combination of design and practicality with character! With no thinking involved, you just know you are being looked after. Thank you Lews and Geri.

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    The Pirates of Drinax are an established and legendary organisation, constantly expanding, constantly innovating, constantly setting things a-hanging with the latest and greatest. Beyond its infamous fleets, the organisation also boasts its own star-class schooner, the Topaz, found in the Lost Sector, and a shady (in the nicest possible sense) organisation known as Central Supply Catalogue (CSC).
    Drinaxian Companion presents the Drinaxian Patrol, a pirate organisation that supplements the Drinaxian Prime through its own ships, fleets and outposts, amassing a huge variety of vessels and pilots to serve its own interests. The Patrol is just as renowned for its infamy as the Drinaxian Prime fleet – the Drinaxian Companion offers all the tools to run an organisation of your very own!
    And be careful what you do with your shiny new toy! The Drinaxian Companion is for use with the Traveller 2E ruleset. If you are playing in the main forum you need to be subscribed for The Pirates of Drinax to apply.

    Other pirate organisations (in-game)The Drinaxian Shipyards: An organisation with links to the Drinaxian Prime and Drinaxian Companion, the Drinaxian Shipyards trades from its own shipyards in the Lost Sector and its kangaroo fleet of exploration vessels. The Shipyards is also involved with the local economy, and a major supplier of all things nautical. The Shipyards employs a number of enigmas of sufficient age and experience as necessary, and they also offer their services to more reputable ship-owners than yourself.
    The Adventures Association: Founded in the early 1950s, The Adventures Association has grown into an organisation of some note in the very short time it has been in existence. Starting out as an organisation dedicated to helping the young and inexperienced, the Adventurers of today pursue a much more modern outlook, organising and supporting a number of different competitions and activities (some quite competitive, others are more social). The AA funds a huge programme of Scout and Adventure training, and it can be considered a bedrock of the local economy – when a school is looking for some extra funding, the AA is often on their short list.

    Pirates of DrinaxAssetsThe Drinaxian Companion includes a set of assets for running a Pirate nation. Included is a general country-wide summary of the Drinaxian Patrol fleet, including the new


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