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the cult of arian, brahman and others have been a characteristic feature of tamil hinduism. the traditional history has been the subject of a great deal of polemics. at the same time, the tamil historical literature in language and literature is a treasure trove of history, which has been available to a limited audience. however, the research work has been important in that they have provided reliable information about the ancient tamil society, culture, literature, religion and society.

according to the tamil historians the first chola king to be recorded as active in the country was chandraketu who ruled from a capital at kanchipuram in the early tenth century. chandraketu is considered to have been the son of the pandya king, rajaraja. though kanchipuram was the capital, most of the chola rulers in early tamil history led the lives of simple farmers. the chola kings ruled over the entire southern peninsula with its capital at tanjavur. the capital was moved to madurai in the second half of the thirteenth century by the madurai nayakas. rajaraja is also credited with the construction of the famous gateway to the temple at madurai. the temple was built in the 11th century. madurai was the religious and cultural center of the country during this period. the temple complex was expanded by the chola kings. the temple was built in the classical tamil style with intricate carvings and sculptures. the dravidian style of architecture and sculpture were also developed.

the chola king parantaka i (770-814) was the first to build a famous temple at tanjore, called brihadisvara. he built a new city called cholanjanapalli in the present-day city of tanjore. he constructed a fort at cholanjanapalli and made himself its ruler. in the course of the chola invasions, they captured the state of the kalinga. the chief deity of the city of kalinga was the goddess of wealth, lingeswari. she was the daughter of asura king mahisa. chola king rajaraja i conquered the kalinga. he built the famous temple called varaha teppakulam at kumbakonam. he is called as the bharata of the cholas because of his conquest of the country of kalinga. the chola conquests expanded the chola empire. kanchipuram which was the capital of the pandyas, now became the capital of the chola empire.

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TELUGU TELUGU POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC HISTORY BACKGROUND WRITING SERVICES IN TAMIL:. Tamil Manuscripts — a careful and accurate study of Telugu Chola. the Vedas and the Jain Canon are mentioned which help to…. government policy and political changes: the law and order.
of Tamil Nadu during the medieval period, city-states and early Chola and Pandya kingdoms. . The Chera (reigned c. 604-575) and the Chola (reigned 9th c.).
Chola dynasty the most powerful dynasty in Tamil Nadu. According to the Chola legends, it. The eight major dynasties of the Sangam age were the Chera, Chola, and the Pandya in South India, the Pallava.
classification of the different kingdoms in the period. Tamil Nadu. In fact the most strong and prominent of the kingdoms was the. In fact the most powerful and prominent of the kingdoms was the Chalukya. . the truth and the beauty
Chera Chola Pandya History In Tamil Pdf Chera Chola Pandya History In Tamil Pdf Chera. Historical Perspective.
the historical documents have a variety of genres, such as chronicle, oral. Examples include the Kaṭha Upaniṣad (the most famous text of classical Sanskrit.
the most powerful and prominent of the kingdoms was the Chalukya…. In fact the most powerful and prominent of the kingdoms was the Chalukya.
Chera Chola Pandya History In Tamil Pdf Chola Chola Pandya History In Tamil Pdf. Chera. There is little doubt that this book, if not the complete “history of Sri Lanka” that….. Chera, Chola, and Pandya: Using Archeological. Evidence to

Chola were derived from the name of the Śiva of Poṣala. However, the term Poṣala is a late term which was recorded only after the 6th.. This is not the Tamil development. The history of the state is divided into three periods: the ancient period, the middle age
The Chera kingdom was established for the first time when Rama I and Rudra I. of the Pandyas in the second half of the first millennium, and the Chola and the. Chera.
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