Common Mistakes in home decor

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When redecorating the house to give a new touch on environments or make changes in the plant, people often make some common mistakes that apparently are not that bad but they can cause problems in the home design and annoys you day to day.
Learn some tips to not make mistakes in your home decoration.

Holes in the wall

A common mistake is to drill many holes on the wall for hanging pictures or ornament and then when changing the decoration you can more holes than you need. Before making the hole and leave the wall marked, ask for someone and mark with a pencil exactly where you intend to drill. If you are not sure if all the frames will be nice together try to stick some tapes and paper with the sizes of the frame to have a better idea how it is going to look in the end.
Plan your frames before drill your wall

Sockets in excess

Many homes have sockets more than necessary. In order to avoid this error, list how many electronic devices and household appliances will be in the environment and can be used. Be careful about putting sockets very close to the kitchen and bathroom sinks.


Circulation in small spaces

If the space you are redecorating is small, be careful when choosing the furnishings, because they can leave the environment even smaller. A large closet in a small place, for example, can block the way of walking or even block the door to open completely.
In small rooms, it is important to choose correctly the size of the bed. There is no sense having a huge and comfortable bed if you can’t go through both sides. In such cases, a smaller bed can facilitate day to day and don’t stress you.

Roman Blinds


Despite being a practical item, nightstands can hinder the opening of cabinets or the movement of people. If you don’t have enough space for it, create a headboard with niche that can be used as support.



Remember: Less is more! Especially in small rooms avoid too many objects, furnitures and ornaments. It will give a better look and a more enjoyable environment.


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