Decoration with Pets

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Decoration with pets at home looks like a big challenge but actually is not that hard! Keep the house in order with dogs and cats playing biting and clawing requires patience and attention. We help you have a pet with more tranquillity.
Take care of a pet is a test for social interaction, especially for children, who, in addition to strengthening the immune system, develop responsibility and affection. But it is important to know that adopting a pet means changing the routine of the house. The pet is another resident, with its own needs and space. It is important to respect it. To ensure the satisfaction of residents and pet, you should choose an animal according to the space and the routine of the family, as well as practical and durable finishes in the decor.

More resistant fabrics

True amusement parks for cats, upholstery and window blinds can last longer if they are closed plots like suede, canvas and cotton. The use of covers is also interesting. In this case, it is essential that the fabric is resistant to constant washing. Washed fabrics are ideal for upholstery covers because it can be washed and dried in a residential machine and do not fade.

Curtains and Window Blinds

Pets love curtains and window blinds cords so it is necessary to keep them always tied or even cut the loop. So they won’t be tangled on them. You can even also choose motorized window blinds and never need to worry about it.
Wood Venetian Blinds are a great choice for homes with dogs and cats. They are much sturdier than vinyl or aluminum mini blinds. The ability to open and close the slats with a wand tilt option, let your pet can look out the window without destroying your slats.
Roller Blinds and Vertical Blinds are another great option for window treatments that are pet friendly. Pets can slip behind the shade without damaging anything. And they won’t collect much pet hair, making them easy to clean!

Slippery floor

Very smooth floor, loose rugs around the house and winding stairs are a challenge for the dogs. It can develop joint problems on them. The vinyl coatings are a good choice, because of the natural heating and being more scratch resistant and washable. Any floor should be cleaned immediately if the animal to wander out of the place to the needs. The shuttle model (gallery), the Fademac which has texture and look similar to wood, costs about 95 reais, m², instalado.Quem not give up the natural wood should avoid finishing with varnish. “The laminate flooring with synchronized crease (like texture with natural wood) are also interesting because, in addition to texture, good resistance to scratching,” explains Belmiro Fortuna, director of Léo Woods. But the carpet, although it is great for the animals, it is warm and not slip, has two drawbacks: it is difficult to clean and can become a haven for fleas.

Outdoor play

If you have a garden, make it a fun space also for the pet. The ideal is to divide it into two parts: one for you, with the most delicate plants, and other exclusive area of the animal. To isolate your space, use stem plants and coarse leaves, such as Agave. Cats like aromatic and palatable herbs. Since dogs can indulge in fruit.
Your friend dog can also enjoy the pool. In this case, it is important that the water pH is between 7.0 and 7.4, and the chlorine level between 1 and 3 ppm in order to ensure disinfection. Make sure it has no allergy to chlorine.
Plants – Prohibited species
Some plants can provide poisonings (often misdiagnosed or confused with infectious diseases). The problem threatening dogs and cats, is more common than you think. Our pets can eat plants for many reasons such as digestive disorders, nutritional deficiencies, behavioral disorders or simply boredom.
 Check here more 24 common plants poisonous to pets and keep them away from them.
Allowed species
To please the cats, choose lavender, mint, lemon balm, fennel, thyme, basil and mint. For dogs, blackberry, guava and cherry. Citronellas are a natural repellent against pests.



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