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If you will read, stop for a moment… sit down, lean back the head, support the feet, and point the light to your book, because you will get a trip. This post is all about your space for reading. Because sometimes, you know, all you need in life is a comfy place and a good book in your reading corner.
Certainly, if you love reading, this corner should be en vedette in your home.

How to choose your place to read?


If you enjoy reading and read is part of your day-to-day so why not dedicate a special place for it? Sete Window Blinds will give you 5 precious tips to build your reading corner. Get inspired the photos and get to work!
To begin…
1- A comfortable chair that you can support the head and spine. Test before you buy! Read reviews and ask for friends and family recommendation. Don’t buy the first one you see it.
2-Puff sofas to support the feet can make you super well and relax more quickly. Also, it is a very decorating element.
3. Lighting is key: If you can find this corner near a window, natural light will be very good. Choose some window blinds that you can control light entering to your room. Silhouette and Zebra Blinds can help you with that!
However, direct illumination is also required. If you do not have space for a side table, look for a light fixture feet. They can fit even when you don’t have much space and brings charm to your corner.
4 A shelf, shelves or even baskets may be fine in this place and practical too.
5- For decoration: carpets, plants and objects can make more personalized your space and give a touch of your personality. Surely you will not want to leave it!


  1. Henry Nicholas

    Glorious post , your image collection are awesome that excellent match the post,which increase the post beauty.Is this like a museum of reading room.Is the bag is made from only wires?.

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