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Duck Life: Battle Download Windows 10 Free

The ducks are back, but this time they are meaner. Forget racing, now it’s time to fight! NOT A FEATHER WILL BE LEAVED UNBREAKED! Build, train and equip your . Create– Create your own pets with hundreds of combinations of feathers, scales and tails.
Train – train them to become fast, strong and deadly.
Equip – equip them with armor suitable for their fighting style (including claws, horns and weapons).
Battle – now you and your pets can fight with players created by other users.
Epic fights – fight

Complete the main story to unlock all side quests, and earn rare Duck Treasure chests that can
bring you thousands of Gold Coins. As the game progresses, it gets more challenging, requiring a
high skill level to beat them.

**Tips & Tricks**.

* Get into a strategic mindset by gauging the damage done to you, and the punishment you will get if
you continue fighting. You do not have to walk into battle expecting to win easily, so be prepared to
* You can fly in your plane to the nearest danger zones to heal up.
* Gun turrets are one of the best ways to deal damage to your enemies, and clearing a sector is a good
idea before you can move to the next.
* All the ducks chase you and shoot at you. They will not stop chasing you even if you enter a
turret zone. However, they can be destroyed after you kill them.
* Battle cards are a good way to gain extra Gold Coins or Spinner Power-Ups, and you can
unlock them after clearing 3 waves.
* You can upgrade your game mode to be more difficult after clearing a certain number of enemies
in one game mode. For example, if you clear 70 minions in the Tournament Mode, you can start
the Tournament Mode with a higher difficulty.
* To be able to start a tournament, the difficulty settings have to be already unlocked.
* Set the number of wave you want to clear to a custom number.
* Change your game mode to see the ranking.
* Watch out for the Item Box, you need to be careful how you spend your items.
* Auto Coin Chest will get you a free 2,000 coins every day, until you are satisfied.

Don’t worry if you are stuck on a certain level. We’re here to help!

You will need to fast forward 10 seconds after each blow, otherwise the duck will fly back to its
original location. You can also slow down fast forward using the D-pad.


If you are not controlling your duck well, the problem may be because the duck direction controls are not functioning well.

1. Make sure the duck is facing forward, and the delta key is not pressed.
2. You can also fix it by pressing the right dpad button, and dragging the duck to right, or left.


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