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Taking inspiration from the same The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past game with a modern touch, Rise of Tarnished will put your wealth of character growth and class skills to the test. Rise, Tarnished will be released as an enhanced and expanded version of Rise, which launched in Japan in September 2014.

Determination is the key to winning.

In Rise of Tarnished, you can strengthen characters by equipping high quality weapons, armor, and magic.

Easy to pick up but challenging to master, Rise of Tarnished will put your wealth of class growth and class skill to the test.

• Monsters, Bosses, and Characters
In addition to swords, bows, shields, and magic spells, the game has a variety of characters, monsters, and bosses.
• Open World
The game features open world, allowing the player to roam the open field freely. The open world is full of fields, buildings, grasslands, and vast open space. There are unique dungeons and locations that players can access by traveling on foot or riding a horse.
• 3D Graphics
The 3D graphics feature improved character and environmental designs that emphasize the appeal of the theme, action, and world of the game.
• A Lively and Mysterious Story Full of Drama
In addition to classic fantasy, a multilayered story is told in fragments. A story in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. The characters each have their own story, such as Gaenel, a fighter, and the twin sisters, Rain and Ryla, who are elves. Players can directly connect with others online, and in-game audio and visual effects will be available.

• Asynchronous Online and Massive Battles
In addition to the player’s own character, the game supports other players who will become your allies or enemies, depending on your actions, and experience a shared epic drama.

Players can cooperate or compete in a massive online battle as part of the same world.

On line play is easy and convenient.

Playing to win, you and your allies can join multiple teams in the endless battle for dominion.


With the release of the following content new to the English version of the game in September 2015:

• The game has a new English translation.
• The game is now available on Steam.
• The game is now available in all of the countries


Features Key:

  • Rising, Triggering the Adventure
  • Lava, a New Regional Monster
  • The Lands Between
  • A Large World with Many Differences
  • Online Play that Loosely Connects you to Others
  • A New Adventure of Secondments and Trials
  • Complex Timing System
  • Darkness and Light Generate Warmth with Drama
  • Weapons, Armor, and Magic that You Can Equip and Develop
  • A Variety of Dungeons
  • Rogue’s Inheritance – Powerful and Aggressive
  • Mastery Over Your Favor Crafting and Confusing the Enemy
  • Note:

    • You can purchase the EXP and loot boxes via in-game purchases in which you can use your real money within the Nanosuit game. These purchases can be made during the game’s open period.
    • The in-game purchases may take a few days to receive. Your content record will be updated after the purchases are complete.

    Play Game > Get Ready for the Adventure
    Play Nanosuit – Elden Rising Demonstration on 7/21 (Thu) 15:00 PDT


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    —YUEZEN ————————————————————-

    Written by: Matt Casamassina

    Published by: Spike Chunsoft

    Published on: Jun 30, 2016

    Price: $12.99

    Available from: Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation®Network, Steam

    Overall: 6 out of 10

    While the appeal of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is rooted in a familiar style, the overall experience is held back by flawed controls and a watered down formula.

    As someone who loves retro RPGs, I typically run in the direction of the Harvest Moon games or Pokémon. The charm of a “farming sim” first started out with Earthbound, but with Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, I find myself oddly pulled in two directions. I love the gameplay mechanics, but I’m also enthralled by the lore. I want to get lost in the character designs and the lovingly detailed backgrounds, but I also need to know how my character interacts with other villagers at the end of each day.

    My biggest issue with Harvest Moon: A New Beginning has to do with the controls. The grid-based movement system, which is practically a standard in modern RPGs, is about as frustrating and awkward as ever. It’s like the game was designed by people who had never played an RPG before, and the fact that the player is permanently confined to a single plane of action is both aggravating and makes me wonder how the game works.

    Given that the character designs and the way that the villagers interact with you are both so charming, I’m really disappointed that the controls don’t mesh well together. The godly abilities that your character can manifest, such as the ability to pull a cart, are usually accompanied by a corresponding movement animation, but often not. It’s often the case that there’s no movement animation, and your character remains completely stationary, even though the ability to move in a new direction is active.

    Even worse, it seems like the movement system is completely unresponsive. Often, the controls don’t respond in any given situation, such as when you’re using an ability that requires the player to hold a button for a certain period of time. If you intend to walk while performing an action such as watering a plant, for example, there’s no way to stop the game from automatically moving the character for the duration of the action. The player can only watch as it happens, and for the majority of my time, I


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    Tobu’s Play Testimony 2:
    You can play Tarnished Online in its Early Access Stage with just 2MB of RAM!

    Tarnished is a beautiful game, made for MMO fans. Read the full review and learn more about it here!

    My World of Warcraft Top Build:

    Summer Fest 2017:

    Thanks again for being a part of my channel! Subscribe, Like and Favorite today!
    Thanks for the support and best regards,

    **Currently working on the next full version of Tarnished. Be sure to check out this post for news about the next version.**

    Ok, so after a recent playtest, it seems that all the balance problems we had noticed in the first playtest are coming back.

    The kill stole setting was a good idea for pretty much every skill, but the tool kits were just simply too easy to use.

    I have decided to switch a couple of abilities because they’re completely unfixable.

    I’m going to use my time to redo the combat mechanics and make them more balanced than ever.

    On the skills side I’m planning to remove a couple of abilities because they are just poorly designed and essentially useless, and am still undecided on some others that I have recently considered or changed. I’m especially looking to remove Thief. I agree with you that the use of a sprint has little sense and that “ducking” should be impossible.

    As for weapon mods, I’ve started to think about what kind of other mods we could add. My initial ideas were this:

    -A kind of’secondary weapon’ similar to Septer’s Projectile Assault’s ‘Projectile Assault’ mod that fires a secondary projectile that works like the primary but slows the target by 20%.

    -A lower rate of fire, like how Lunarist’s Armor of Honey affected Solarists’ Surgical Strikes.

    And maybe I should work on those ideas while I redo the weapons!

    Please let me know what you think!

    Took a lot of time and effort for everyone, both from the Devs and players. I


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    : Chameleons

    Source | Source

    GraphicsFri, 07 Sep 2012 07:23:01 +0000Eoghan 1455959 at America Unleashes A-Frame For Humble Bundle

    NISA giving their standalone horror FPS a commercial release

    NIS America unleashing A-Frame for Humble Bundle

    Written by: Eoghan Murphy

    NIS America has officially released A-Frame on PS3 and Vita via Humble Bundle.
    Like previous Humble Bundles, A-Frame is described as a “Seamless, Frightening, Highly Interactive, First Person Horror Shooter”, and yet it is also a unique experience.
    A-Frame uses a completely unique mechanic for combat which involves jumping randomly into enemy weapon placements. They liken this to the two swords mechanic from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Minimum System Requirements:
    Processor: Intel Core i3-4705 or AMD Phenom X3 720 Processor
    Memory: 2GB
    Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 8600GT
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Hard Drive Space: 600MB
    Additional Notes: The game will require at least 50MB of free disk space in order to install and play.
    Recommended System Requirements:
    Memory: 4GB


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