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* The application environment has been optimized for every possible display.
* The application is highly configurable.
* OpenGL-based, high-performance rendering.
* Flexibility to run with a single graphics card, multiple graphics cards or multiple processors, on a single graphics card or multiple graphics cards, or on one or multiple computers.
* Multi-resolution scaling, from desktop to ultra-high resolution immersive VR.
* Render scene from within the application.
* Support for passing internal parameters into the rendering process.
* Multi-threading support: Equalizer applications can utilize any number of multiple threads and threads per process, allowing multiple processes to be run on multiple machines simultaneously.
* Support for multiple platforms: Equalizer applications are fully portable.
* Supports all GLES 2 and 3 platforms.
* Multiple C++ and Python wrappers are offered.
* Supports transparent scaling and re-sizing.
* Supports fully render-in-place.
* Allows custom view switching, scene boundary detection and incremental rendering for custom OpenGL applications.
* Configurable user interface.
* Supports file streaming and direct memory transfer from disk to the GPU.
* Allows users to adjust the amount of memory that the application uses.
* Quick and easy configuration, can be done in under 5 minutes.
* Easy to extend and customize.
* Supports a wide range of file formats.
* Hundreds of plug-ins to extend the functionality of the library.
* Dependency-free and cross-platform compatible.
* Supports all platforms: Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
* Supports all GPU-based visualization applications.

The Equalizer Design
The Equalizer library’s design is based on the Active Render Buffer (ARB) specification that is a broad and flexible solution to one of the most limiting problems in 3D graphics: the lack of a consistent display buffer.

The Equalizer core provides a simple, flexible and cross-platform API to render OpenGL 3.x, OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL ES 3.0 (OpenGL ES 3.x is the OpenGL Extended Shading Language 3.x.) applications.
Equalizer applications rely on user-defined shaders to generate the effects for each view of an application’s scene.
Each shader (OpenGL and OpenGL ES) is defined by a set of shader variables that can be set by the developer and modified at run-time to affect the visual appearance of the application’s scene.
Shaders 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO helps you easily create and convert macro commands for Microsoft Office. In addition, it can save macros to.VBE project files, which means that the macros can be executed in Microsoft Word.
KeyMacro is the first Microsoft Office plugin that allows you to select macros from lists. You can create your own list with any name. The included basic lists have the following functionality:
1. Lists with specific lists, such as “My Tools”, “My Programs”, “My Files” and so on.
2. Lists with installed programs.
3. Lists with installed applications, such as “My Fonts”, “My Graphics”, “My Files”, “My Utilities” and so on.
4. Lists with installed languages, such as “My Languages”, “My Files”, “My Graphics” and so on.
5. Lists with system settings, such as “My Services”, “My Printers”, “My AutoCorrect” and so on.
6. Lists with network locations, such as “My Network”, “My Email” and so on.
7. Lists with IP addresses and other properties, such as “My Network”, “My Computer”, “My Documents”, “My Internet Explorer” and so on.
KEYMACRO also allows you to create shortcut keys to your macros and to paste the created macros to the ribbon of the Microsoft Office applications.
KeyMacro also provides you with an “Up” button for moving up one row or one column to select the items in a list. The “Down” button is used to select items from the list in the active cell.
A copy / paste button allows you to copy the active cell content to the clipboard and to paste it to the current cell.
Additional functionality:
1. Various shortcut keys.
2. The ability to sort the macro lists.
3. The ability to filter the macro lists.
4. The ability to preview the selected macro in the active cell.
5. The ability to replace selected text in the active cell with a macro.
6. The ability to change the background color of the macro names in the macro lists.
7. The ability to disable a specific key combination and to define a key combination to toggle the list selection mode.
8. The ability to define a macro to select the currently opened documents.
9. The ability to define macro conditions (multiple selection, criteria and loops).
10. The ability to define and apply macros to the ribbon of Microsoft


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