Carry out fire fighting missions using the F-101 Fighter, or the historical P-51 Airplane, Or the Aircraft N-1, to Combat many different environmental cases,
Connected in a Career mode, where in you start to make contacts with different aircraft and engines, once you will obtain good reputation in the flight control company, you will be able to get contracts in bigger and more interesting missions, much more dangerous than previous levels.
In this way you will get to know the difficulty of Fire Fighter missions as well as how to overcome them.

The gameplay is very similar to vehicle simulator, the difference is that it doesn’t use fps, it uses the v-sim game engine, v_sim game engine is capable of handling thousands of vehicles, flying, saling and ground, and all types of vehicles, both in land and in the sea.
The engine is made in visual scripting and is capable of building both simple and complex games, it works not only with the vehicles supported by the game, but also with marine vessels, ships, boats, sailing vessels and all types of ground vehicles.
It also is very configurable, you can modify the visual behaviour of any objects inside and outside the game, you can edit entity files, add, remove, or modify your vehicles, add new vehicles, actors and etc.
It’s easy to use and has a great graphic interface, where you can make complex graphic items, key visualizations, and develop and add even more visualizations
Using v_sim engine you can also make very realistic games, you can also animate objects, and create new vehicles, actors, sounds and volumetric effects, change the look of the ground in real time, make your player walk or move without a floor, and more.
This feature makes v_sim engine very useful in creation of professional 3d games for the web or live streaming.
Furthermore you can choose among the included aircrafts and vehicles that you want to fly.
Fire Flight also comes with a license to use for free the script that was used to develop the game (divided into many scripts), this allows you to create amazing visualizations as well as customize the game.
It supports up to 8 users with a maximum of 8 aircraft and 20 aircraft and props (each aircraft and prop have its own parameters, and interact in their own way with the user’s game)

To recap what you need to know about the game:
The application uses the v_sim game engine to


Fire Flight Features Key:

  • Simple hand-drawn graphics that feel good on the eyes
  • Intuitive navigation by sliding your finger left/right or by using the d-pad keys
  • New challenges and achievements
  • Randomized levels
  • Four different game modes
  • Four different game characters


  • Fly the planes
  • Land the planes on the field


  • The new intuitive controls will feel comfortable to all players

The concept behind the game is very simple:
You need to fly the plane to land it on the field and your aim should always be to land the plane as closest to the runway as possible.


  • Don’t fly too close to the other planes
  • If you get stuck in the air or while landing your plane the game will give you some hints


  • Vincent Wong
  • Philippe Barani


Fire Flight Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime) [32|64bit]

Fire Flight is inspired by the real life experience of a typical day in the fire service, and is not only a career simulator, but it is also a simulator of real life situations.
The most important feature of this simulator is its vast selection of missions, starting from single missions and going up to twenty-four hours missions, through which it can take the user through a year and a half of career.

It is still incomplete.

Back in the days of the VSF (as I like to call it, which is an anachronism actually) this was the best flight simulator I have found out there for Windows.

They wrote all the aircraft, graphics, the missions.

The final result was way better than some of the dozens of other games with similar intentions.

But they decided not to make it any more.
The last update was close to 7 years ago, or nearly 20 years if you count the VSF (Windowed version).

But why is it unfinished?

They stopped dev because they had lost interest in the VSF and they wanted to move on to something else.

I downloaded a demo from the link below several years ago, but I could not find a complete version.

I have found it there (get it here:

… There is not really a dedicated community either. You can find lots of threads on the forums but nothing really new.

Some developers write that there would be in the future some version with a complete and working mission set (like the ones for the Futurama game) or some larger update with additional missions, but they don’t have any word about it.

There is also the mission editor that seems only to work for some missions that people tried to play over and over again and got stuck in loops.

I have also tried out some other sims but they were almost all just simple games.

The last thing, that should not influence your decision, is that this is a commercial indie game with a small community.

Don’t forget to uninstall your other sims and don’t play it on the same machine or over the lan if you have other sims installed.

… There is not really a dedicated community either. You can find lots of threads on the forums but nothing really new.
… There is also the mission editor that seems only to work for some missions that


Fire Flight Crack + For PC [Latest]

Fire Flight is an innovative, realistic flight simulator built around the most demanding scenario of a fire fighting mission, the pilot.The game introduces a new story line that is totally believable and realistic, which revolves around the character of the pilot and the difficulties that he faces.This story line takes the user from a basic training all the way to the most complex and advanced situations of a fire fighting career.To be a top fire fighter, you must have a strong desire to be the best in your profession, and constant dedication to perfection.Realistic challenges, scenario and challenges are included in this simulator to truly immerse you in the fire fighting life.

Story of Fire Flight:

The game consists of 9 missions, each one more difficult than the previous one, and each with its own obstacles and challenges.After each mission the user will be able to play again the same missions, in an ascending sequence of difficulty levels.Story of Fire Flight has also an executive campaign in the shape of a true mission, with a set of tasks to be achieved, that will test the player’s progress and skills.Story of Fire Flight:

Gameplay is made up of 5 types of missions:On the ground – confrontations between fire fighters and fire, mountains of cars on a mountain pass, mountain to mount, deck fire.With enemies – war, police, fire fighters in a burning truck, car chase, chase by boat.Each mission is driven by the difficulty level of the situation.On foot – forest fire, car park fire, forest to mountain pass, mountain to mountain pass, beach to sea fire, air to water fire.Fighting water – sea fire, sea to harbor, sea fire, ship fire, sea ground.Fighting fire – burning building, burning car.The mission has also different difficulties for the terrain, for instance burning sea, with a sea fire difficulty, and mountain range, with a mountain fire difficulty.The game features 2 types of fire:Fire fighter – the main character, and the player.Fire fighter is an extremely flexible character, with several difficulty levels and characteristics.Each fire fighter has different characteristics:age, weight, mass, strength, experience, flying ability, vehicle type, fire rating, knowledge, courage, fighting style, and various attributes.

Obstacles and obstacles are present in each scenario.Obstacles are present and present in each mission.

Gameplay Fire Flight:

If you have a problem in the most difficult game difficulty, then you need to spend some time


What’s new:

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