Ford Ids V86 And Calibration Files V81 Cd PATCHED 👍🏿

Ford Ids V86 And Calibration Files V81 Cd PATCHED 👍🏿


Ford Ids V86 And Calibration Files V81 Cd

the calibration files are created with a resolution of 256 and using the 1-point calibration method. the part numbers shown in the calibration files are in the middle of the page, just as the calibration file example.

please note that the calibration files are for the v83 and not the v82. the reason for this is that it is much easier to use the v83 calibration files than the v82. the v83 calibration files have been created by the people at falken and are printed out on plain paper. to make it easier to use, the v83 calibration files are printed out in a form where each calibration file is on a separate page and you only need to print out the pages you need. you can then cut each page out separately.

thanks to napco for providing the v86 id code for the ford ve-series and for sending over these calibration files. napco supplies calibrators for each of the ford engine families. use the calibration files listed here to re-apply the calibrations. calibration files for other engine families can be found at napco’s website.

these are the files i have for a ford powerstroke. they were originally made by the ford service department for the v- series motors, then ford made them available to other repair shops (like me). the files are big, about 7 megs each. the files are now version 81 of the calibration files. when i first made these files i was using a laptop that didn’t have as much room as my new computer, so i had to have it done in stages. a lot of the work for this first v86 was done by a friend who’s a computer geek.

afterwards i decided to buy a new car and the first thing i did was to check the vin. it was v81. i called ford to confirm the vin and they told me that the vin was correct. the only problem is that the car was not in a good shape and i needed to get it in the shop for a new engine, transmission, wheels and tires. so i bought it and drove it to the shop.[3264bit804[updated2022489


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