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Foundation 01 Fzd Art Book Download

For artists, to discover your own colour is to have automatic power and free yourself from being dictated by painters who have had their colour locked down by convention. A person who easily changes colour is a phenomenon. Artists who care to learn will become an authority on their colour – a platonic ideal to which others might be compared

Haigh, you are not. Even I can see that. Why? I know that you will suffer. Again, for artists to be successful they must have a sufficient understanding of the fundamentals to be able to hurt themselves. They should self-destruct in learning. Non-artists? They should just quit! Conventionalists have all the answers. Doesn’t have to be an intellectual answer, just an answer!

You put tremendous pressure on yourself to produce art properly. You’ve dismissed the very traditions that first led you to paint. The result, unfortunately, is an awful mishmash. You are hopelessly tied to the very medium that makes you miserable. So, rather than throw away your paint and your brushes, you have taken to the internet and started an online, um… “critique”, I suppose.

“Colour is not a superficial attribute of nature, but a material attribute derived from natural sources. A colour exists only as a series of stimulus-reactions on the brain. The surface reactions to each colour of a colour mixture are occurring continuously, and produce in a short time a memory trace that is registered and recorded in the brain cells. This memory trace is released and becomes available to be shifted, but it can go only as far as the mind control over the eye muscles trac. It exists only in the form of that memory trace. The eye is a mechanistic instrument for creating that memory trace and the mind is a mind-set of that art of control which expresses it.


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