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Gazelle Innergy Service Software 2.1 Download

the performance is pretty good on a velocipede:the suntour total compactor rear suspension and light weight allow it to go quickly, but crucially the gear-shifting clicks through without incident. its comfortable, but not at all smooth. the battery charge is designed to last ten hours, so five journeys a day will empty its packs in about four to five days, and this never happens. but that is both good news and bad news, its good because youll never need to worry about re-fuelling and its bad because youll spend a lot of time on chargers. its a shame that, although it can be locked to 25mph by right-hooking the throttle (there are sensors for this), there is no safety lock.

its more practical than it looks, with a large number of water and drink-bottle-places. theres a handy visor as well:quite unlike the normal ones,they have holes for your head to breathe through, and there are more eye-sockets than usual, so it stays comfortable. a suitably ergonomic foot-rest below also keeps your feet happy, and there is a bi-directional led-light.pedalling is straightforward, and although no control at all is available until you plug it in, the power is so low and the battery is so big that youll have to push to get any feeling. it makes sense to keep its relatively low rpm-range constant, so theres no power button (except in mid-range, or top-gear). theres no eye-sockets on the handguards, leaving them protruding above the front, so your the head needs to be well forward, but theres plenty of hand-space and the motor is quite capable of dealing with this.

the porteurx has a super-light, carbon-frame (18.5kg), and plenty of space for water (and an even-more-caffeinated riders), but thats about it. its capable, but poor. there is no tank, and that means no water-bottle-tanks, no place to strap a banana on the back and no points to carry a computer. but those are small shortcomings compared to the many for which there are serious trade-offs. theres no saddle and no gear-shifting;it has no positive display-control, and theres no power-assist.


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