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Set a pull request description in Github

I’m reviewing the Pull Requests and I would like to set the description for all of them before accepting them.
Is it possible to set a description for them by default in the pull request?


There is a config option for this.
In the config file you find the setting hidden from public view.
It’s easy to add a setting like this to your.git/config:
[branch “master”] remote = origin
merge = refs/heads/master
merge = refs/heads/master
merge = refs/heads/master
merge = refs/heads/master

The last line will add the description on every pull request.


Nested FOR loops, merge/combine results

I have two lists, from two separate loops. The first list has 3 items with a 0 value. The second list has 2 items with a 1 value. I want to be able to loop through both lists and combine the values so that I get one list with 3 items.
List 1
0 0
0 0
1 1

List 2
1 0
0 0

0 0
1 1

The first element in the result has to be the maximum of 0 and 1.
I am not sure how I would code the a nested for loop to do this.
I have tried following, but to no avail.
var myList = db.Test.GroupBy(x => x.List1).Select(group => group.Max());
var test = group.Select(x => x.List2).Max();


It appears as if you are looking to pull out all the pairs that meet a certain criteria for a given criteria. I would do it like this:
using System;

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I had the same issue as you, i researched a lot and finally i found the solution
First of all, when you open this file then you can see “PK” there
“PK……..” is the key of your Serial number
But i couldn’t understand what is “EXE.LTM” in the file, i searched a lot for that and i found that it is a exe file that is the updated version of the serial number, you can get this file from

So i just copied this file from

In my case the serial number was
So i replaced the “” with my serial number “” from there “PK” and i copied the EXE.LTM file and renamed it as “” and it worked and don’t need to change serial number again
I hope this helps you

Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers is an American sitcom that ran from September 24, 1990 to February 4, 1994. Created by Candice Rialson, and produced by Castle Rock Entertainment, the series stars Mark Linn-Baker and Valarie Pettiford as a married couple whose relationship is tested by the constant communication that occurs between them. The show is a spinoff of the ABC sitcom Fish, and is a first-season production of the Fox Broadcasting Company. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States.

Mark and Vanessa Wainwright are married couple. They live in their home, where their constant communication is a source of tension. Mark receives a message from a mysterious woman who calls herself Vera, and discovers she actually is his long-lost sister.

The Wainworthys visit Vera, who has moved in with her estranged daughter. Mark soon learns that Vera is in dire financial straits; he considers buying her a house and helping her to get back on her feet, but the Wainworthys have other ideas. Mark has trouble keeping their relationship under wraps, while a budding romance between Vanessa and their neighbor’s son further complicates things. After Mark initially rejects the

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