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Zapkit is an effort to make a minimum viable product from the existing content of the Zapkit.

The Plugin functions as a modular synthesizer that resembles the programming concepts of a VST Synth but with a drum sound similar to the classic Kraftwerk and Daniel Lanois style of using analog drum machines and analog synthesizers with an emphasis on analogue drum sounds.

Zapkit uses a drumkit built on Roland drum pads but also has the flexibility of being able to use other drum kits or analog synth modules as drum pads.


Zapkit has 2 inputs that accept drum sounds from any number of drumkits.

The output of the plugin is routed to a single instrument or to one of 4 output modules. This can be configured to send all 4 instruments to a mixer or if set to split the output, each drum kit will be routed to a mixer and a master output. When the instrument output module is set to split, it can also be set to send all drums to a master output.

Zapkit has 4 output modules that can be used as follows:

FX 1 – I/O

I/O module 1 is set as output 1, with I/O as the input.

FX 2 – I/O

I/O module 2 is set as output 2, with I/O as the input.

FX 3 – I/O

I/O module 3 is set as output 3, with I/O as the input.

FX 4 – I/O

I/O module 4 is set as output 4, with I/O as the input.

Software controls
Using the software controls allows for quick parameter changes and can be used in conjunction with the manual controls to ensure the correct parameters are being used for a particular sound.

Manual controls
The plugin features a feature which allows each drum kit to have its own separate controls such as decay, volume, sustain and a modulation section with a dedicated LFO, random and frequency controls.

The filters of the plugin can be used to create a resonance or filtering effect for individual drums to alter the sound.

Modulators allow the frequency and pitch of individual drums to be modulated.


Zapkit is currently available for purchase as a single software plugin and as a

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Macro Editor: Pattern Editor: Pattern Editor: Input: Drum Roll: Type: 2 Output: 1
Drum Rhythmic Pad: 4 Output: 4 Output: 7 Output: 1 Output: 3 Output: 9 Output: 5 Output: 11 Output: 7 Output: 13 Output: 9 Output: 15 Output: 11 Output: 17 Output: 13 Output: 19 Output: 15 Output: 21 Output: 17 Output: 23 Output: 19 Output: 25 Output: 21 Output: 27 Output: 23 Output: 29 Output: 25 Output: 31 Output: 27 Output: 33 Output: 29 Output: 35 Output: 31 Output: 37 Output: 33 Output: 39 Output: 35 Output: 41 Output: 37 Output: 43 Output: 39 Output: 45 Output: 41 Output: 47 Output: 43 Output: 49 Output: 45 Output: 51 Output: 47 Output: 53 Output: 49 Output: 55 Output: 51 Output: 57 Output: 53 Output: 59 Output: 55 Output: 61 Output: 57 Output: 63 Output: 59 Output: 65 Output: 61 Output: 67 Output: 63 Output: 69 Output: 65 Output: 71 Output: 67 Output: 73 Output: 69 Output: 75 Output: 71 Output: 77 Output: 73 Output: 79 Output: 75 Output: 81 Output: 77 Output: 83 Output: 79 Output: 85 Output: 81 Output: 87 Output: 83 Output: 89 Output: 85 Output: 91 Output: 87 Output: 93 Output: 89 Output: 95 Output: 91 Output: 97 Output: 93 Output: 99 Output: 95 Output: 101 Output: 97 Output: 103 Output: 99 Output: 105 Output: 101 Output: 107 Output: 103 Output: 109 Output: 105 Output: 111 Output: 107 Output: 113 Output: 109 Output: 115 Output: 111 Output: 117 Output: 113 Output: 119 Output: 115 Output: 121 Output: 117 Output: 123 Output: 119 Output: 125 Output: 121 Output: 127 Output: 123 Output: 129 Output: 125 Output: 131 Output: 127 Output: 133 Output: 129 Output: 135 Output: 131 Output: 137 Output: 133 Output: 139 Output: 135 Output: 141 Output: 137 Output: 143 Output: 139 Output: 145 Output: 141 Output: 147 Output: 143 Output: 149 Output: 145 Output: 151 Output: 147 Output: 153 Output: 149 Output: 155 Output: 151 Output: 157 Output: 153 Output: 159 Output: 155 Output: 161 Output: 157 Output: 163 Output: 159 Output:

GTG Zapkit PC/Windows

GTG Zapkit is a powerful and intuitive 3-band compressor, featuring three attack slopes and two compression ratios that can be tuned independently for the Main, Mix, and Master bus. After all the parameters are set, the rest is done for you with the simple control surface.
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* Update
GTRS has a new web site, and have given this plugin a new name – the DynaZone.

* Update
The new version of the plugin has a new web site, and has changed it’s name to “Uptown”

* Update
GTRS has removed the web site, and have also given the plugin a new name – the Dynamozon.

* Update
The plugin has a new name – the E-Vocal.

* Update
Version 1.9 of the JUICE compressor has been released.

* Update
Version 1.9 of the Reverberator has been released.

* Update
The new version of the plugin has a new name – the Octapad.

* Update
Vintage Electro has been renamed to Retrotopia, and has a new website.

* Update
The new version of the plugin has a new name – the StormClone.

* Update
The new version of the plugin has a new name

What’s New in the?

GTG ZAPKIT is a drum sampling plugin that allows you to sample any sound from any audio engine. You can create custom sounds on the fly and then use those sounds as templates for future sounds. You can create up to 16 loops, which can be placed on separate tracks. Each loop can have its own tempo and pitch, as well as have sounds re-mapped to different channels. Use the key of the loop to control the pitch.

New Features:

16 Loops per track.

Different Channels per Drum.

Tempo and Pitch are controlled by the key of the loop.

Tabs are added so you can easily place loops onto separate tracks.

User Interface Overview

There are 7 tabs in the UI.

Icons on the left side of the UI enable you to select the drumset you wish to use. These drum sets are chosen from a list of different drum kits.

The tabs in the UI allow you to navigate through the UI. The UI is split into two sections; the left portion is used for audio and the right portion is used for presets. To the far right of the UI are the tabs. These tabs are used to control the position of the loops on a drum set, and control the properties of the loops. The right side of the UI is used for controls that allow you to control the preset loops that are already loaded.

Once you have selected the drum set you wish to use, you can use the left side of the UI to choose the drum you wish to use for that loop. Once you have chosen a drum, you can choose the re-map channels for the drum. It is highly recommended to use the same drumset for every loop. You can also change the pitch for each loop. The pitch can be adjusted in cents or semitones.

A loop is a template that you can use to create your own sounds. You can add as many loops as you want on a drum set. Each loop has a key, which is used to control the pitch for that loop. You can use the key to adjust the pitch up or down.

If a loop has a key, that is the same key as the key for the selected drum.

The key of the loop can be changed by choosing a different drumset.

The drum set that you choose will be the default drum set for the loop.

Once you have created a loop, you can save it as a preset. You can save your loops as presets so that they can be used in different sequences.

You can delete a preset by clicking the “X” in the upper right hand corner.

You can move a preset up or down in the list of presets by clicking the up or down arrow.

Each preset is saved as file.

The saved presets are listed in the top

System Requirements For GTG Zapkit:

OS: Windows XP (32/64 bit)
Processor: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 3 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT 128 MB or ATI Radeon HD2600 or higher
OS: Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Processor: Intel i5-2500 3.3 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB

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