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Door: A door can be placed anywhere and allows you to move objects.
Camera: You can place cameras on any surface and you can view the ghosts inside the room.
Trap: Traps can be placed anywhere to harm the ghosts as needed.
Light: Ghosts can be light sensitive and change colors when light is around them.
Lightning: Lightning effects can be place anywhere to kill ghosts.
Sound: Ghosts are sensitive to sound so using sound effects can kill the ghosts and scare them away.


After some research, I found this: The game Zombie Innocence uses the same engine, but the game requires a constant internet connection and is a story-based game. I don’t think Zombie Innocence would work for your situation because you need to be isolated, which the game does not address.

Di-N-aminoethyl hydrogen phosphonate

Di-N-aminoethyl hydrogen phosphonate is the HCl salt of the phosphonate ester di-N-aminoethyl hydrogen phosphonate.

Di-N-aminoethyl hydrogen phosphonate is used as an esterase inhibitor.


Category:Phosphonic acids
Category:Organic phosphorus compounds
Category:Di-N-amido compoundsQ:

How to close an opened file?

This is a very simple question: how to close opened file?
Especially I need to close a file with a (stdout) redirection.
I tried to add a new fd to a pipe, so the close will be possible with a simple pipe.close, but it seems that this can only be done for an opened file:
#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys
import socket
import os
import time

pipe = socket.socket()
pipe.bind((”, 0))

if os.fork() > 0:
pipe.close() # this will be called only if `fork()` is true

while 1:
buf = os.read(0, 1024)
if not buf: break


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      Guide the protagonist as she comes to understand the intention of the bloodthirsty masked girl.
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      How to set child form from different thread

      I have many child forms which all is child form form1.
      Now when I’m debug I can see that child form can’t find component of first child form (form1) on form1. But I can see the component of form2.
      Here is My code:
      var ret = InitializeComponent();
      var form1 = new Form1();

      var form2 = new Form2();
      form1.Parent = form2;

      if(form2.MainForm!= null)
      form2.MainForm.BeginInvoke(new MethodInvoker(delegate { form2.MainForm.MainForm = form1; }));

      Now I create a thread for do some work.
      Thread childThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(delegate {
      form1.MainForm.BeginInvoke(new MethodInvoker(delegate { form1.MainForm.MainForm = null; }));
      childThread.IsBackground = true;

      Now I change form1.MainForm, after thread has do the work, I debug again and see form1.MainForm is not changed, but form2’s component has changed.
      I think that this behavior is safe, but I want to try another way to change child form.
      Do you have any ideas?


      There is a very good reason for form1’s component not be found. When you call Create


      What’s new in Half-Rats: Parasomnia:

      Monday, July 12, 2006

      When I started with CGSociety, I try to get a feel for the new members to get a feel for whether they are active and if they have an agenda or not. As a result, I was recently assigned to work with a user called “To Hell and Beyond” (abbreviated as THB) on the messageboards.

      “There is no purpose to this forum, as there already is a [Deleted by Webmaster] ghetto for most people, along with the To Hell with P&C (Permanent & Casual) Division. The only people who frequent here are the `survivors’ of course, probably left over from the original BnJ’s (because the official BnJ forum had them both). What they used to have was a nice friendly, regular and humorous place that guys would be able to gather together and have a friendly, amusing and informative discussion.

      “Who would want to get here now? Why? We’re not going to hell, are we? ; )”


      To me that quote expressed a mood. It was very pessimistic. THB is also quite hostile to the administrators and mod’s, a typical example of “Big Brother” posting. THB has been a member for a little over a year. He made a list of all the commonly trotted out excuses why people couldn’t do something to earn a place on a moderated forum. However, out of all of them, the most hollow one was “we’re not going to hell” because this message board IS in hell. It’s a message board that has been set up for a specific purpose. To troll the moderators and the administrators on CGSociety.

      Is a knight not a knight because his sword was broken?No, a knight is a knight because he is dangerous in battle.

      –Isaac de Beaurain, b.1253; d.1321-22

      Besides the overwhelming abuses THB saw with BnJ and the owner The Admin, he also saw a certain lack of autonomy as soon as a user would confront for example, another user about being a boy. THB was part of the small community of the case-they just had developed their methods to not care about the friendship, just to be able to get closer to their goal.

      A classic example came to my mind when THB was complaining about a troll and the mod


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      The Great Land of Elyria is built upon many city-states, kingdoms and tribes. Some are united under their own leaders and are in the middle of numerous wars. The rest of the people lead a peaceful life under the protection of the rich and powerful elders. Every city-state is independent, but they are all part of the Great Land of Elyria. The player can choose any of the main cities in the game to play in.
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    System Requirements For Half-Rats: Parasomnia:

    Minimum System Requirements:
    Intel HD Graphics 3000, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel HD Graphics 5000, Intel HD Graphics 6000, Intel HD Graphics 7000, Intel HD Graphics 8000, or NVIDIA GeForce 8200 or greater, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 series or greater
    AMD Radeon HD 2000 or greater, AMD Radeon HD 3000 or greater, AMD Radeon HD 4000 or greater, AMD Radeon HD 5000 or greater, AMD Radeon HD 6000 or greater, AMD Radeon HD 7000 or greater, AMD Radeon HD 8000 or greater, or AMD FirePro M-Series
    Minimum DirectX




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