5 Ideas to Children’s Bedroom Decoration

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The decoration of children’s bedroom should be made taking into account the daily lives of children and thinking about their taste and also personality.
The room should reflect the world of the child, be their favourite place, where they play, spend time with their friends, study with quietness and at the same time, an organized place that facilitates the mother’s life at the time of cleaning.
Here are some ideas to decorate the room of your children and tips how to use each decorative element to create spaces that combine relaxation, utility and beauty.

1. Adhesives, Wallpapers and Wall paintings

One of the simplest ways to complement a children’s room decor is to invest in wall stickers. The variety of styles and designs is huge.
In children’s bedrooms some recurring options are the stickers of cartoon or preference movies  of the child, illustrations with playful elements (balloons, trees, boats, maps, children, animals) and those one that glows in the dark (planets, stars, characters).
In addition to adhesives, add colour or prints on one of the wall also contributes to decorate the environment. This can be done either through paintings on the wall, the combo ink + adhesive or through the use of wallpapers. The tip is again investing in playful elements and paintings that do not occupy all the walls, to not get the environment loaded.
If you are looking for something more customised you can create your own Wallpaper! There are many companies which you can buy their designs or send your art and they will print it for you! One of them is the company Spoonflower which has amazing patterns and worldwide delivery.

2. Coloured furniture brings fun to the room!

It is very important to use the colours in your favour, without exaggeration, on strategic points such as furniture. Colourful furniture brings joy to the environment and can be the main point of the room and the basis for the rest of the decor. The downside of having colourful furniture is short useful life, as the child can get sick of the chosen colour or hinder changes in decorative room line. In case it happens you can change the colour by covering with paper or even painting.
Today you can buy directly from non-traditional colours of furniture stores; however the price is not always affordable. To save money, a tip is to invest in white furniture and then add them the colour of your preference, add stickers or even let children draw on it.



3. Fixtures and flashers will bright their dream!

The luminaries also unite functionality and decorative. They are great additions in the room decor. There are different models, types and shapes of lamp available for purchase, just choose the one that suits the child’s personality and the room.
Another alternative to create a bright detail in the rooms is to use the flashers in the decoration, the headboard, attached to the wall or over the edge of tables, counter tops, and other items suspended.



4. Niches and shelves keeps everything organised

The niches and shelves are decorative items that support for other elements of decoration. It brings a special charm to the environment, and is usually accompanied by toys, books, paintings and other decorative pieces. The variety of formats is huge, just look for the one that fits the project created in the room and measures. Plus is an easier way to keep things on their places.



5. Window Blinds provides Light and Privacy control + extra charm!

Window Blinds are an essential item for decorating every room, leave it more comfortable and keep the mother’s privacy with their child. The choice of window blinds must be done right and it is necessary to observe some criteria to get the desired result.
For those with a very bright light in the room, choose the thicker fabrics like cotton, twill and even perhaps the blackout itself is great insulator and heat can be used separately, Roller Blinds are a great option in this case. For those who have inadequate natural lighting opt for lighter and more delicate fabrics and style like Pirouette Blinds. The effect that these strings take in the room is cool, because by being transparent stripes between the coloured lead all the beauty and delicacy into space. Another cool and super creative option is to mix two different fabrics and style, for example white Silhouette Blinds with coloured fabric curtain on the sides, it allows you to have more control of light, may open one or both together. Important! Child security devices may be necessary according to the age of your children. When purchasing your Sete Window Blinds ask to our consultant what is the best solution.

Check some more inspirations with window blinds:

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