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ESBUnitConv Portable is a powerful yet easy-to-use application designed to help you with your conversion needs. It supports 582 units of measurement.
ESBUnitConv Portable has many features that make it stand out of the crowd. You can perform these conversion operations on a single system or share them over a network.
Esperware ESBUnitConv Portable is a full-featured but simple to use unit conversion program. It can perform all conversions between various units of measurement and get them to the clipboard so they can be pasted into other applications.
Esperware ESBUnitConv Portable includes both portable and desktop versions. The portable version is ready to use in just a few minutes, and is available for download at no charge. The ESBUnitConv Portable portable edition is available as a full licensed version.ESBUnitConv Portable price:
ESBUnitConv Portable will run on Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8
ESBUnitConv Portable
Application File Size:
ESBUnitConv Portable
ESBUnitConv Portable
ESBUnitConv Portable review:November 13, 2009

This year’s youth parade got off to an especially rocky start. In past years the theme has been “Spirit of Philadelphus”, meaning Philadelphus as a person. Unfortunately, this year’s youth parade theme was changed to “Honor: A Tribute to Our Army and National Guard”, and it quickly became obvious that the teenagers and young adults of our community did not think so highly of our nation’s military. As one spectator remarked, “If there’s one thing we can learn from our armed forces it is that women in combat are hot”.

Our community’s reluctance to honor our military has left us without a theme to tie the parade together. I suspect that those who organized the parade did not foresee the problem; their explanations of “Honor: A Tribute to Our Army and National Guard” has included “we just thought it would be nice to have a theme”, “it seemed like a good topic”, “we thought the American flag represented our military”, and “we can get away with anything these days”. In fact, the theme seemed to be to minimize any connection to our military.

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Here comes the coolest new Macro Recorder you’ve ever seen, check out how it works:
The application comes with a bunch of cool features, the most important thing is that it gives you full access to your Android device’s shortcuts, either by including them in its database or by directly recording them.
So what are you waiting for? Start recording and start taking back the precious time you waste every day!
It’s very easy to use, start by tapping on the RECORD icon at the top and just start tapping on your shortcuts to start recording.
After the recording is done, you can edit your favorite ones by long pressing on them and tapping on the EDIT button that comes up, just go through your recordings and find the ones you want to make it quicker and easier to access them.
After you’ve edited them, you can either choose to include them in the database or save them in a ZIP archive.
You can also change the order of the shortcuts by dragging and dropping them to where you want.
You can create as many shortcuts as you want and the size of the shortcut is unlimited, even if you manage to include it in the database it’ll still be available in case you want to edit it later.
Each shortcut has a color you can assign to it, you can set it to the theme of the application or simply change it to a color you prefer.
Here is a detailed overview of the main features of the application:
• Create your own unique shortcuts (infinite size)
• Choose whether to include them in the database or save them in a ZIP archive
• View your shortcuts and edit them (size, color)
• Long press to edit shortcut
• Long press again to show edit option
• Assign custom color to shortcut
• Order shortcut
• Automatic editing of shortcuts if included in the database
• Edit shortcut
• Backup/restore your shortcuts
• Exclude shortcuts
• Theme: light, dark or black
• Set shortcuts size to custom or unlimited
• Set shortcuts color to custom or black
• Set shortcuts order
• Save shortcuts in database or ZIP archive
• Export shortcuts to CSV
• View shortcuts
• Export shortcut database
• Export shortcut ZIP archive
• Import shortcuts database
• Import shortcuts ZIP archive
• Export data to CSV
• Export data to JSON
• Delete shortcuts
• Keep database files
• Show application data in app
• Show exported data in app

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