K-pet Girl 2 Pocket Girl Emily Unlimited Money Full !NEW! Version

K-pet Girl 2 Pocket Girl Emily Unlimited Money Full !NEW! Version

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K-pet Girl 2 Pocket Girl Emily Unlimited Money Full Version

the plot is about a girl whos on a ship, and she gets mad at her dad and falls off the boat. she gets stranded on an island full of broken toys and machines. im not sure but i think it might be a magic island, because shell freeze(like not with cold, but shell stop moving) if she doesnt get off the island in one/two days. she makes friends with everyone on the island, including a broken radio who they call the yoo doo creature because the only thing it can say is yoo doo. i think she spends the night, but she gets kidnapped while shes sleeping by a family whos jealous of her for some reason. i think this family was called the domino family theres also a pine tree on the island, named pine, who when the other machines realize the girls missing, points them in the right direction to find where the domino family are hiding her. pine ends up dying, as theres a lightning storm that splits him in half. the girl is already slowing down in her movements when they try to make her escape from the island, but she eventually makes it back to her father.

still fran 15 days ago
i read a book maybe 15 years ago. the main character is a teenage girl who lives with her father. she wants to become an actress like her mother who died when she was a child. the story revolves around her teenage years and i vaguely remember that she used to love to go swimming to a public pool but her classmates making fun of her and also that she is poor. i remember that she works after school at a beauty salon and something about saving money for a photo-shoot that can help her in becoming an actress. somehow she loses the money but ends up getting a free photo-shoot at the salon. she is described a having swimmers arms and that a halter dress looks good on her. there also might have been something about her resembling a famous hollywood actress in her looks. she later on runs away to hollywood where she ends up finding more about her mother and discovers some kind of connection with the famous actress she looks like. she ends up returning home and getting married to her love. this was set in older times, maybe sixties or seventies.

a girl runs away from home to avoid getting married to a guy that was kind of creepy. she ends up in a weird place that is like a circus. i think they make her catch butterflies and put them in a bag and eat them. she gets to go home, but theres a strange man there. after he leaves the girl is questioned by her father. they fix her up and she can ride a horse with her face sewn on. she falls in love with a man who may be good or bad. the first thing he says is that he cant be involved with a rich girl, but she follows him anyways and ends up pregnant at first. her mother(a witch) hears about this and realizes what she did, so she locks her up in a witch basement. the little girl wants to know where she is and she gets out and runs away to find her mother. i think she ends up back in her family
i’m just gonna give a comment about all the different things i have read on this web site. and i have read every topic from this site. however, i have read many books. and none of them compare to anything that i have ever read on this website. if there were more people like you on this website, the book world would be a better place.
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