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MediCap is a powerful application which allows you to create an accurate database of medical records for each of your patients.
Your medical records become complete and in-depth, while the program automatically captures high-resolution images and video, allowing you to reconstruct your patient’s health history.
Create a comprehensive file which contains all the important information regarding your patients, with the ability to store your medical records on various CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
The program is able to record audio notes from medical consultations, video notes from your daily life, as well as X-rays and scans.
MediCap is extremely reliable and user-friendly application which is an ideal solution for storing your medical records.

MEDICOID, MEDICOID10, MEDICOIDPro and MEDICOIDPRO10 are the latest versions of the reliable drug database. The aim is to create a medical database for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

MEDICOID is a detailed database of medications, with about 2,000,000 records and more than 40,000 drugs and over 1,000,000 procedures in 1,500 hospitals and clinics. It features a robust search engine, which allows you to search for your medication with ease. The interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate, yet a detailed manual is included, which allows you to navigate the database to your heart’s content.
Medical database manager
MEDICOID allows you to keep detailed records on each of your patients. The program displays an extensive table, containing a detailed list of medications, types and doses. The table features quick access to each record’s fields, allowing you to view and edit the data. The columns can be sorted by different criteria, such as the name, dose, medication, duration or frequency.
Search engine
MEDICOID features a powerful search engine, which allows you to find a particular entry based on various criteria, such as the name, brand, dosage or the site where it was prescribed. Each patient’s file contains detailed information, such as the date of treatment, the doctor’s name, phone number and address.
Audio and video notes capture
MEDICOID allows you to record audio notes during medical consultations and video notes from your daily life, such as medical procedures.
You may record an audio clip, or take notes in the program and save them to the file. The program supports recording professional recordings.
Various imaging
MEDICOID features comprehensive audio and video recording

MediCap Crack Activation Key Download For Windows [April-2022]

KEYMACRO is a medical transcription program that allows you to instantly store, save and share patient information. It is designed to save time and effort by allowing you to transcribe patient dictation immediately. The program features extensive transcription and language-translation options, allowing you to work efficiently and effectively.
• Import and Transcribe: Import patient information from a PC using either a USB drive or hard drive. Or from a dictation microphone, using the microphone port on the keyboard. The program allows you to directly transcribe audio or display the transcription on-screen.
• Display the Transtion Notes: The program features a powerful side-by-side display of patient information. When viewing notes, you can preview the text, add comments and bookmark. Or you can save the notes and share them with the rest of the team.
• Share the Patient Record: If you need to instantly share your patient’s records with another physician, Keymacro allows you to instantly share patient notes by sending them via email, FTP or from a local hard drive. Moreover, the program can also view the notes on a remote PC and add new notes.
• Cloud Sync: Share your notes in the cloud and access them at any time from any location. Keymacro allows you to instantly transfer patient information to the cloud, in order to instantly sync notes from a local hard drive. You can also transfer information from a cloud account, to a local hard drive.
• Attach files: You can attach up to 15 files in the note, in order to share additional patient information. Notes can contain notes from other programs or simply text files, which can be viewed on-screen or exported in a variety of formats.
• MMS: Mobile messaging service allows you to send notes via MMS or text messages to a mobile device.
• Audio Recognition: The program features extensive dictation settings, allowing you to activate the dictation feature, set voice level and change font size. This way you can ensure accurate transcription, with various language settings.
• Mobile Interface: Keymacro allows you to view notes on the PC or transfer information to a mobile device.

Cardiology documentation Suite is the only application in the market with a unique combination of features that enable it to serve the needs of cardiologists and cardiology practices for the documentation of patients’ examinations and treatment. It is designed with one primary goal in mind – to enable you to acquire new cardiology patients by offering a

MediCap Serial Key For Windows Latest

MediCap is a comprehensive application that allows you to store detailed information regarding a patient’s condition, contact data and medical records. Moreover, the program allows you to capture images and video from medical procedures, such as X-rays, scans or surgeries, then store them in the patient’s file.
Not only can you find a database entry by the name, phone number, address or health insurance number, but you can also search by procedures, treatments and DICOM study notes. Each patient’s file contains detailed information, such as contact address/phone numbers, treatment facility, physician and date of procedure.
Video and image capture manager
MediCap can connect to various video/image capturing devices, in order to directly import and record the stream. You may thus capture images from scans, record medical procedures, such as surgeries or take audio notes from a consultation. All the media is saved in the patient’s file, for you to view at any time. Moreover, the program supports displaying DICOM files.
Not only can you find a database entry by the name, phone number, address or health insurance number, but you can also search by procedures, treatments and DICOM study notes. Each patient’s file contains detailed information, such as contact address/phone numbers, treatment facility, physician and date of procedure.
Remote image/video capturing devices
MediCap can easily connect to a video or image capturing device, in order to acquire procedure scans or results. Moreover, the program features video editing tools, audio recording settings and allows you to convert the captured clip to another format. It allows you to instantly back-up/restore the database, send information by email and control the capturing devices with a foot pedal.
Key features:
– powerful searching tools
– complex table displaying patient’s information
– video and image capturing with a foot pedal
– various medical instruments can be connected
– video and image databases can be merged
– backup/restore database
– contact data, treatment notes and DICOM studies
– images can be edited and cropped
– audio note capture with foot pedal
– recording settings
– multiple capturing profiles
– can capture DICOM images
– allows you to view patient’s recordings
– the program supports playing and capturing video
– medica database manager
– PC or Mac version
– supports 64-bit version
– can connect to several video/image capturing devices

What’s New in the MediCap?

The software program, based on the Professional Edition of the Windows operating system, is a simple tool which allows you to manage patient data, which is absolutely necessary to manage a medical practice. This medical database manager allows you to organize medical data in a relational database, allowing you to easily create reports and export databases to a PDF or Word file, as well as exporting data to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc.package com.lody.virtual.helper.utils;

* @author Lody

public final class Constants {
public static final String[] C = new String[]{
* ui

System Requirements:

Windows 10
GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290X (CrossFireX)
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: Intel i5-750
Memory: 8GB (Unsure if this is “Mem” or “RAM”)
NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD OverDrive
GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon R9 Fury X (CrossFireX)
CPU: Intel i7-

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