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A Visual Novel with Dramatic Arts of Anime & Comic Style
+A Choice Based Storyline with Over 7000 Options
+An Original Soundtrack
+Beautiful Graphics
+An Art Book with Eight All-New Colours!
+A German Version Available!
+An English Version Coming Soon!

Bug reports and feedbacks can be left at the Facebook page at
Feel free to support this game at Patreon too!

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The Mind Hero is made by me, Abner Shaffer.
All contents, from concept and design, to script and characters, are all produced by me, Abner Shaffer. This is the story of my own upbringing and the experiences I’ve gone through as a result of my upbringing.

I made this game for one of my school projects, at the time I was in high school, and to this day its still unfinished, but still a lot of stuffs are done.
Project Goals:
*Game to be isometric (cardboard style).
*An interesting storyline.
*I aimed for a fairly realistic game, rather then just a game about romance or dating.
*It is based in the era of Japan.
*To basically write a story with a focus of mental health and how it affects people, which I found interesting and significant.
*To be released for free.
*To make a game that is unique and worth playing.
*To make a game that is educational, not just for entertainment.
*To make a game in a style that is unique and is different from any other game.
*The game is very action-based.
*To make a game that is fun to play.
*I felt the most important to be the character’s thoughts and feelings.
*I also tried making the characters more expressive to show the emotions more clearly.
[Notes] *Charactors shown, are just a character illustration I made. They are just a way to show how the characters look like and not a real life of the charater.
*Currently there are 7 playable characters.
*Demo is available to play now.
*Current Main soundtrack is actually going to be in a different style.

Hello world! I’m new to this forum.


Methods: The Detective Competition Features Key:

  • Selective Color Correction. Use the tool to optionally change your images to better match your needs. You get to choose from a list of over fifty color profiles.
  • Phase Transform. Adjust the exposure, hue, saturation, and contrast to obtain more coverage of the right phase of a subject.
  • Recovery mode. Ability to erase time-saved features or objects that aren’t desired within a picture.
  • Auto Fix. An option for the tool to process colour or structure problems automatically for you.


Methods: The Detective Competition PC/Windows (April-2022)

Saw Saws Dingo is an easy-to-learn, high-end physics sandbox game where the player can create toys like a mad scientist’s cackling, dusty, steampunk playground.
Focus on goals and stories of the life and death of toys, mock C-3PO’s that talk, and watch them go off and take the spark of life.
Saw Saws Dingo is a physics sandbox game where you manipulate toys with a set of tools. Each tool changes its own behaviors, and the player can easily understand and control their movements. The player can also use a variety of different built-in functions, but each function also provides you with a broad range of freedom to create.
Main Features:
– A simple and intuitive interface which allows you to control toys without any complicated operations.
– Control toys in various positions by rotating, moving, stacking, and extending.
– Various actions of toys are controllable by various tools.
– Various tools with a broad variety of functions.
– Various characters, props, and backgrounds to accompany your creation.
– Construction kits are provided to help you make more types of toy.
– Integrated Steam workshop tools and a construction kit to share your creations with other players.
Please write to with any comments, suggestions, or questions.
Copyright (C) 2017 by Poyakoftu Corporation

8/5/2015Release: Saw Saws Dingo v0.7 (Android)

v0.7 Development was continued from v0.4. Here are some new features.

1) 2 new skins is added.

2) Various functions such as JIT (Just-in-time) and direct JIT (direct JIT execution) have been added to scenes.

3) Added a widget function that allows you to play a favorite scene by clicking a widget button

4) New sign table such as collision detection, bounciness, and point scale make you feel as if you are really in a mad scientist’s laboratory.

– v0.7 Added the “Multi-thread engine” function.
This function allows to perform processes with large amount of data in parallel. It improves the performance of building and physics, and also improves the control speed.

– The new skin “White” is added.
New scenes, props,


Methods: The Detective Competition With Keygen Free Download [Mac/Win]

Equipped and experienced pilot, free from previous conflicts with the rebel forces. Everyone knows the value of peace in our day and age. Your role as a peacekeeper in order to return to the fleet, including a brief stopover on the planet Perun before flying out.Tick Tock:Tick Tock is an indepth narrative puzzle platformer where you will solve a series of short puzzles by exploring a dark world full of hidden passageways and undiscovered secrets. Lost in a vast labyrinth, you’ll need to guide your way through several different routes as you avoid the dangers and find your way back home. Platforming gameplay and animated graphic sequences are both supported. An enchanting hidden object puzzle game where you must help a soulful “invisible” girl. On her journey she encounters a colorful world filled with characters, magical creatures and plenty of secret treasures.
Join a one of the best designed epic fantasy simulation games ever created and fight your way to become an emperor! The choice is yours to be who you want to be! Walk the path of a mighty warrior, learn the skills and traditions of a mystic wizard, or go out to conquer the lands with one of many different classes. You’ll create your own unique path and shape your empire any way you want! Full Campaign – Discover a truly original epic fantasy where each decision you make can have a life of its own and will shape the world into what it will become. Hundreds of cities, thousands of skills and a dynamic world generation system will allow you to create a truly unique game experience for your players. Playable Class System – Over 30 unique playable classes with a wide variety of skills, upgrades and special abilities. Unique Skill Tree – Each class has it’s own skill tree that allow for a large amount of replayability.
When the colony arrives, you are faced with two very important decisions. Explore the planet with your rover or reach the surface with the amazing Armstrong and get ready to fight to keep your home safe.
What’s it like to be the player character who’s the master of the gravitational world? You will traverse a dynamic universe full of action and challenges. Even though the player will play as the character who has a direct control over the movement in this game, the physical obstacles will be fully simulated and players will feel how they are moving their bodies when they interact with them.
The sci-fi game has the player face a difficult choice – can they save everyone, or would this be a violation of the


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