NGC Super Mario Sunshine JPN 270


NGC Super Mario Sunshine JPN 270

after pressing a or b, the player will get the opportunity to use the turbo nozzles on the golf course. the turbo nozzles are an item that is only used for the isle delfino course, and can only be picked up by mario after completing the course and accessing the trophy shop. they are also the only item that can be used for the first time in the game after completing the isle delfino course.

after using the turbo nozzles, the player will have a short tutorial, and then get to play the isle delfino course. after completing the isle delfino course, mario will be sent to the next course, venus.

with the game’s release, many of the features and secrets (such as the magic paintbrush) that had been developed in super mario sunshine were adjusted and altered for the japanese version. this included many of the changes to the story. [14]

the story of the japanese version of super mario sunshine is one of many different versions of the “universe”. the game takes place on isle delfino, where luigi and mario are taking a vacation with peach and daisy. yoshi and fludd are also on the island. the game’s story is a loose retelling of the original, which was released in the west.

in the japanese version, mario and luigi are on the golf course when they notice wario and waluigi, who have found bowser’s submarine and are attempting to use it to escape. they warn bowser and peach, but bowser is furious. he and waluigi are about to leave when wario says that he does not care what happens, as he would rather die than be in peach’s place. he leaves for the submarine with bowser. bowser launches the bob-ombs and they blast wario and waluigi off the island. bowser and peach watch them leave, and then he tries to fire the missile he was holding. but, mario, luigi, and daisy intervene, and distract him long enough for the missile to be launched, but bowser changes his mind and tries to chase after them, instead.

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