Pastel Colours in your home

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Pastel is the name given to the palette rather saturated colour, or less bright and more smoothly. Decorating with these tones get a more delicate and discreet air, which are perfect for giving a sense of peace and calm in any environment.

White as the predominant colour

Have you a living room decorated with white as the predominant colour? Using pastel shades on the windows, decorative items, tableware, and textile can be very interesting. Create points of attention in pastel and keep a soft and soothing atmosphere.

Rainbow pastel

Inspire yourself in the rainbow and create an incredibly colourful setting in pastel shades. Whether the double bedroom or children, the kitchen, the living room or the lobby, are the perfect shades to give a warm welcome to an inviting and sophisticated home.

Pastel and neutral tones

Have you wooden walls, doors or furniture? Great! Wood is a great neutral shade to match with pastel colours and give the room a feeling of freshness. Combine wood with elements in soft and bright colours, for example, the water green, yellow and lilac.

Vibrant colours and pastel shades

If the vibrant colours are predominant in decoration, minimize them with some points of interest in pastel colours, for example, a purple pad, a frame or a pot of flowers. The vibrant and delicate combination of these shades will balance the environment. You can even make your own vase…check here a tutorial. Try it!


The black and white duo is timeless and perfect to host other colours. Wondering what happens when you mix pastel tones to black and white? The monotony goes away! The eyes will penetrate this extremely bold combination and it has all the chances to be extremely elegant. You dare!

Pastel shades with golden

Imagine crude wooden dining table decorated with white flowers and decorative elements glass. Now imagine a metallic colour that can assign a wow effect this combination! And then put golden (yellow or rose) elements on the table and have a truly refined and welcoming atmosphere.


There is nothing more delicate than an environment in pastel colours decorated with flowers. Carefully select the flowers in pastel shades like lilac, yellow or tea roses and expose them on the table meals or in the centre, on the bedside table in the entrance hall, the bathroom … In addition to delicate, the environment will receive a breath of fresh air.

Heat with pastel

The pastel colours in textiles are perfect to heat a room. Just add a rug in an open ground, a blanket and a pillow on the sofa, the curtains in the room, the towels in the bathroom … and voila!

Pastel colours in the kitchen

Has your kitchen already a definite colour but you still feel the desire to include pastel tones in the decor? Try removing the crockery cupboards and then paint the desk chairs in pastel shades. You can also decorate with flowers of these shades. Any experiment to perform … the elements in pastel colours will stand out!
Credit: Heidi Lerkenfeldt


Want to immediately give a new character to the environment? Use wallpaper in pastel colours! This valuable tool for decorating is more versatile than the name implies, it is not only to be used on the walls. You can apply the wallpaper inside or on top of shelves, on the office desk, on the stairs.



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