Similarly to Honeycomb Blinds, Duette Blinds was created in a special shape for light, warm and sound control.

In summer, the blinds inhibits heating coming inside the environment. In winter, it prevents the escape of heat.

It is also a acoustic comfort solution, the product can absorb sound by 70% due to the cell shape, single cell, double or triple. cells.

Moreover, it allows varying levels of light filters, ranging from full transparency to the blackout option.

It has anti-static treatment, which inhibits the accumulation of dust, anti-age technology, which ensures the fabric format.

Additionally, your cellular structure provides thermal and acoustic absorption comfort, making it a highly functional curtain, and extremely versatile, having a choice of drives.

It has wide range of fabrics with transparency effects, translucent, semi-opaque and opaque.

100% polyester fabrics with antistatic treatment, which inhibits the accumulation of dust.

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