Prince Of Persia – The Two Thrones Highly Compressed PC ENG 2005

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Prince Of Persia – The Two Thrones Highly Compressed PC ENG 2005

Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones released in Australia and New Zealand on October 6, 2005. PlayStation 2 users also received the game in a special bundle with the game Menace and the Music Box soundtrack. IGN gave the PC version 8.2 out of 10, saying, The Prince isn’t as nimble as in the last game, but that doesn’t mean he’s slow to engage in combat. The biggest change is that the developer has found a way to give the Prince a sense of momentum in combat. The combat sections are mapped with a greater variety of things to do than before. The environments are as detailed and well-presented as ever. They’re still a bit drab and most of the game is spent running, but the environments have a variety of places to go and do things in a variety of ways. [60]

Ten Ton Hammer gave it a 5 out of 5, saying, The two sequels put an interesting twist on the original game’s story. Using what can only be described as a hair-on-fire urgency, they chronicle the final days of the hero’s life as he fights an army of demons hell-bent on killing him. The Prince’s trials give rise to a sequence of encounters that offer a new way of playing the game, turning back to basic platforming as the Prince battles against demons. Although it leaves out a lot of the detail fans will want to see, it is still an excellent companion to the first game. Not only does it offer a bit more of what the original did right, but it also serves as a worthy second instalment in its own right. [65]

like many video games, the two thrones uses a checkpoint system. when the prince is severely damaged from a battle, or dies, the game will restart the level from the last checkpoint. a checkpoint system also allows the player to continue quickly after a fail, as the prince will automatically survive from his last survival. the game features a new element, at the player’s will, a multitile system. rather than a one dimensional battlefield, the player is able to move in multiple directions as the prince, and make the battle he is facing turn to an advantage. this element became a trademark for many games in the prince of persia series. [8] after the prince vanquishes the initially invincible dark prince, who may be controlling his twin’s body, he must find the dark crown, a golden crown containing the power of the sands, before it is too late. [9] finding the dark crown or defeating ghalbag again for the first time allows the prince to use the third and final form of the sands.
the prince can now hold both light and dark sands in his hands. the sands is divided into two “sources”. the light sands are a yellow powder, and can be found in several locations. the dark sands are black and dangerous, as they emit a shockwave of darkness. [9] if the player is holding the light sands, the prince is given several abilities. [9] the light sands are also divided into two phases. the first phase allows the player to pick up debris and smaller components, before the second phase unleashes the sand from the debris. the second phase is much more powerful than the first, though it does consume the first phase. [9] 5ec8ef588b

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