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ProStat Crack Serial Key [April-2022]

Prostat is an efficient software package for Microsoft Windows.
Prostat is a powerful and handy tool to deal with statistic data, which can be applied in a wide variety of fields, such as experimental science, medicine, engineering, environmental and chemical, communications, economics, law, engineering, etc.
ProStat provides a fast, efficient, easy and flexible tools for analysis and creation of statistical graphic presentation.
ProStat is designed to handle all types of data such as linear, nonlinear, dose-response, time-series, etc.
A number of parametric and non-parametric statistical analysis functions are included in ProStat, including:
• multi-level analysis of balanced data
• ANOVA analysis
• MLE (maximum likelihood estimation)
• Tukey’s test
• logistic regression
• ROC (receiver operating characteristic curve) analysis
• parametric curve fitting
• non-parametric curve fitting
• gamma distribution fitting
• analysis of covariance
• correlation analysis
• regression analysis
• cluster analysis
• time series analysis
• density distribution analysis
• histogram analysis
• normality test
• probability distribution test
• reliability analysis
• correlation analysis
• nonlinear regression analysis
• Spearman rank correlation
• data cleaning, conversion, and editing
• data export and printing
• all kinds of plot, including scatter, box and whisker, cloud, probability plot and function plot.
There are many functions that can be used to solve your problem efficiently. Users can perform the normal function and most common statistical analysis at their will.
Other tools included in ProStat are a set of mathematical tools, including a variety of mathematical transformations, numerical integration and differentiation, FFT, etc.
As an add-in to Excel, ProStat can save a lot of time for you to perform statistical analysis. It is particularly suitable for users who want to have more power of statistic functions and more powerful tools.
There are many tutorials included to give you some help to solve your problems.
More features are available. Contact us to order Demo.

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Press CTRL & TAB to edit the PSI file (use arrow keys to select items)
Press CTRL & SPACEBAR to execute a macro
Press CTRL & SHIFT & DEL to delete a macro
Restart macro from the first line
Change the header of the macro, press F5 to see
If a line or a point on the chart changes the chart colors,
Save it to the.psi file. When you open it again, the chart will restore to the original colors.
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ProStat License Keygen

ProStat software was specialy designed for scientists and engineers, and minimal computer experience is required.Nine tutorial lessons are included to give users a quick start.
ProStat provides a powerful data sheet in which you can enter your data and begin analyzing immediately. You can also easily generate data from a variety of predefined functions. For data analysis, ProsStat includes a full range of basic statistical methods and advanced multivariate statistical methods. For commonly used distributions, ProStat provides a convenient facility for conversion of area probabilities and critical values. ProStat also provides many mathematical methods for data manipulation, such as mathematical transformation, numerical integration and differentiation, and FFT.
ProStat has a powerful plot window in which you can easily plot your data and statistical results. More than twenty 2D and 3D plot types are built in. A variety of plot-editing tools enable you to achieve publication-quality graphs. Your graphs can be easily exported into fifteen popular graphic formats for use in your word processing or presentation software.
Here are some key features of “ProStat”:
■ New plot wizard will create your desired plot in a more convenient and intuitive way.
■ New methods for nonlinear regression: simplex method and Powell method.
■ Dunnett test for the data mean comparison with control group.
■ Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric multiple comparisons.
■ Enhanced dose-response analysis: calculation of LD/LC and its confidence intervals at any desired probability level (such as LD25, LD50, LD70,.).
■ With the new programs, you can directly export your plots in the PDF file with a few clicks of your mouse.
■ Improved multiple levels data sorting for both balanced and unbalanced data.
■ Enhanced mathematical transformation with references to column and cell indices.
■ New and enriched data-displaying formats.
■ New document format control allows you to set the page mode, margin sizes, and many other options such as data title, time stamp, page count, etc.
■ Enriched online help with a special “How to” section for commonly encountered tasks.
■ New dialog box help system.
■ New text alignment capability offers you extra control on your plotted text object.
■ The new optional grid lines in the plot window will help you locate your plotting objects easily and more precisely.
■ The enhanced status bar will

What’s New in the?

“ProStat” is a software package developed by CRITIS ( for experimental designs in experimental science and engineering. It includes an array of powerful data analysis tools for the analysis of mean response, dose-response, and time-course data. For the analysis of variance, it includes a data sheet, a cluster plot, and a cluster comparison test. For the analysis of nonlinear regression, it includes the two-stage method and the classical method. For the analysis of dose-response data, it includes the Dunnett test, the Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric multiple comparisons, and the extension of the straightened Weibull plot. For time-course data, it includes the lag-time test and the envelope plot.

New Feature: Support for parallel data
ProStat now supports adding multiple experimental groups in a dataset and the additional experimental groups can be analyzed simultaneously in a single session.
This new feature provides the power to analyze large datasets in a convenient way and reduces the time to the end result.
See the section “Incorporating new feature in Prostat” to see how to start using this new feature.

Version History:



The software was updated to support Windows 7.

Fixed a bug in calculating the intervals for confidence intervals of the parameters.

Enhanced file saving and loading features for batch plotting.

If you were using version 1.2.5 and a graphical problem occurred when you tried to save your plot, you are still able to save the plot. However, the saved plot is in the form of a text file which does not support the function of importing the plot into the next version of Prostat. You can still copy the content of the file into a new file and use it in the next version of Prostat.


This release includes the following fixes:


This release includes the following fixes:

(1) The command line utility was fixed and its output was cleaned up.(2) The text extraction function was fixed. This improved the speed of extraction.


This release includes the following fixes:

(1) A new external linker was added to Prostat for adding external links to the legends and data labels.(2) The program will display the color names of axis or data labels.(3) A bug was fixed in the program when converting the specified precision level to a number of iterations in the general NU-mean algorithm.(4) The program will now automatically convert the time data to the format of the x-axis if the specified time range is set.(5) A bug was fixed in the program when the number of iterations exceeded the specified value.(6

System Requirements For ProStat:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 x64
Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV 1.6 GHz or equivalent
Hard disk: 2 GB available space
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 x64
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or equivalent
1. Graphics adapter recommended for

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