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In summary, we have analyzed in detail the influence of several members of the sRNA RsaA on biofilm formation and pathogenesis *in vivo* using an animal model of oral infection, *G. mellonella.* Our data show that all of the sRNAs are involved in biofilm formation, although there was little or no effect on virulence of *Y. pseudotuberculosis* YPIII in *G. mellonella.* While the sRNAs did not interfere with virulence, the qRT-PCR and *in vitro* assays for biofilm formation show that these sRNAs regulate the virulence phase. Furthermore, the role of RsaA and related sRNAs in the regulation of iron uptake is a new finding. The roles of these sRNAs in regulating the iron homeostasis *in vivo* and in *in vitro* iron uptake and biofilm formation are

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Parse and search a nested JSON using java

I have the following JSON data:
“employees”: [
“firstName”: “robert”,
“lastName”: “baker”,
“manager”: {
“firstName”: “eugene”,
“lastName”: “frohman”,
“department”: “development”

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2. Discussion
Hydraulically-damped shock absorbers are well-known devices for absorbing and damping mechanical force. Typically, these devices are mounted between the sprung mass and unsprung mass of a motor vehicle or other mechanical system, such as the frame of a wheeled vehicle or a trailer. The unsprung mass is connected to the sprung mass by a simple pivot at the pivot axis of the shock absorber or by a suspension linkage containing a ball and socket joint. The piston is contained within a pressure tube or passageway defined by upper and lower telescoping members, which are typically formed of an elastomeric material. The piston is connected to the sprung mass while the pressure tube is connected to the unsprung mass. A fluid, such as a gas or a gas-oil mixture, is confined within the pressure tube and acts on the piston to dampen the movement of the piston relative to the pressure tube.
The hydraulic damping force, which is the damping force

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