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Ask HN: How to monetise my time? – throwaway2
It seems like I've been here before, I’m still building a product which I offer/provide as a service, but I've been mostly consulting for a few years now and have no customers. I'm now building a new product and my bandwidth is limited, and my customer base is not immediate. This means I’m in the ideal position to monetise my time from the get-go.As a customer, how can I best buy my services? Is it better to do it all yourself or to find a service provider? How do I choose a service provider? I don’t have anyone to review my services and I have no particular experience with freelancers and specialists.I have no particular expertise and I think it’s very difficult to do well in niches like mine. All I do is help customers figure out what their ideal workflow would be. I’ve been doing this since 2011, so it’s always something else, never the same thing, but I am passionate about this and about helping people and I’m at a point in my career where I need to start generating some revenue. Is there a service I can offer? How can I best make this money?Thanks, I’d appreciate any tips.
I bought Pivotal Tracker [0] and then outsourced to someone based in India.
I was using Pivotal Tracker for a while, and noticed that it also provided
many benefits over a spreadsheet for project planning, however, I found it
(while not a bad product) to be bloated and hard to be used as a task tracker
where clients could see what I was working on.

I went to the Pivotal Tracker website and posted a job listing. I received 5
hourly rate quotes from a bunch of freelancers (


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