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AHK Command Picker is a handy and reliable script for AutoHotkey designed to provide you with the possibility to quickly call AHK functions.

A combination of timestamps and mouse/keyboard events is used to create a sort of mouse-based hotkey panel, in which you can conveniently bind a hotkey to any function you need.
The script can be used as a keybinding panel within AHK, or as a standalone application.

This is a combination of the 2nd part of my AutoHotKey script library and the AutoHotKey helpfile that you should all use together. Please reference the helpfile when you have a problem, but do not hesitate to send me a new tip if you can help it. I will always add your tip to the library, with credits to you.
The helpfile contains documentation for the main library functions, keywords, defaults, the scripting basics, an explanation on the basics of AutoHotKey, hotkeys, programs, scripts, and some tips on using the library.

LineNumber is a script that displays the current line number within a given text file. It shows the row index in the file by use of a caption. It is named after the german word “Liniennummer”, which means “line number”.

ESC is a small script that stops and restarts (on/off) the Escape key. This is useful when you are using one of the many awesome AutoHotKey scripts (or even some of my own) and suddenly the script takes control away from your hands. Running ESC will allow you to take control back.

AutoPopUp can be used to show and hide anything on the screen without having to type in the original command. It’s primary purpose is to be used when “hidden” elements are used within a script. It’s primary purpose is to be used when “hidden” elements are used within a script.

Hi, I think it was a while since I last posted, but I just released a new version of my script library:

1) Title: DisableEsc
2) Description: Esc hides the current window and reopens it.
3) Credits: It was an old idea I came up with.
4) Scripts: No.
5) Usage: Open an empty.ahk file and copy the following lines to it:


I will be always adding tips to this 70238732e0

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The only tool for Apple users that lets you control which applications are allowed to connect to the Internet.
It won’t take you long to set it up: just drag-and-drop the software apps you want to control into the “apps that can connect to the Internet” field of the main window and choose from three modes: “Allowed”, “Denied” and “Blocked”.
It’s easy to add your own apps or edit the list of whitelist/blacklist with a drag-and-drop feature.
It doesn’t bother your system resources.
Allows you to manage the inbound/outbound settings for the apps that connect to the Internet.
Editing the filter lists is also very easy: you can select the apps that you want to whitelist/blacklist, group them by categories or sort them by name/size.
It’s easy to control the settings with a visual and intuitive interface.
Allows you to monitor all programs that can make outbound connections.
You can use the mode of “Allowed” for more control.
Auto-restart Windows.
Allows you to see any applications using a browser.
Powerful and reliable antimalware component that runs in the background.
It allows you to manage the inbound/outbound settings of the applications and programs that access the Internet.
Protects your system from being infected with malware.
It’s a tool that you can use for finding, organizing and cleaning the data on your computer.
It’s a useful tool for those who want to protect their system from malware and spyware.
Real-time protection with a lightweight footprint.
The settings allow you to set an outbound limit for the applications, plus create rule groups and monitor all applications that use a browser.
It’s a powerful firewall application, offering many useful options for casual and expert users alike.
You can select the list of apps that should be allowed or denied, optionally sort them by name or size.
You can create a blacklist or whitelist with drag-and-drop operations.
It’s easy to use and simple to set up.
The initial splash screen is more discreet than other tools.
It makes it simple to control the inbound/outbound connections of the apps that are monitored.
It’s easy to add/edit the rules lists and modify the settings.
It allows you to control the inbound/outbound connections of the apps that connect to the Internet.

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