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Sims 3 Pets – Crack Fairlight.rar

i just installed the sims 3 expansion pack. i am using a.iso of the game (i believe this is the setup i used for the previous sims games). the problem is that when i launch the game and go to the main menu, all i see is a black screen with a white x cursor on the bottom. i can’t even get to any of the menus.

ok, so i already had proper actual legal disk versions of all the expansion packs installed so was going ahead to add on all the stuff packs from here. all was going swimmingly until the last one which was the mansion and garden pack like with the others i installed the pack through daemon tools and then applied the crack into the ts bin within program files but now whenever i try to start up the game(with my apartment life dvd-rom in the machine), it wont load and causes my whole laptop to crash. im assuming its this stuff pack as opposed to any of the others because they seemed to be working and this one is the only one to have come up with an extra message saying that it was altering the gameplay files (or something to that effect).

i’ve been trying to put in the crack for sims 3 pets on my pc for a couple days and i cannot get it to work. i downloaded it and i put it in my sims 3 folder, but it still doesn’t work. i’ve tried reinstalling the sims 3, and i’ve tried to crack it through daemon tools and it still won’t work. i have also tried to crack it with a program that’s specifically for the sims 3. i have no idea what else i can do and i’m about to give up because it’s driving me nuts. please help!

i have downloaded all 4 cds, but the main problem is that when i start the sims 2 game, i get the message, that there is an error, and the game quits. i have downloaded the cracked version of the game, and replaced the.exe file with the cracked version, but this doesnt work. my cd-drive is working, i have downloaded the sims 3 pet pack, and i have used it before. but i cant seem to get the sims 2 game running again, can somebody help me?


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