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The GOTY Outfit Bundle includes all 19 classic outfits from HITMAN 2. This is a limited time offer. Create your own character and be a legend amongst the world’s most elite hitmen – all with all-new CASINO themed outfits. Escape-or-Die is for everyone.
Perpetrator of the worst mass murder in modern history, 23 year-old contract killer, Dario Rigaudo, is in the sights of the best hitman in the world, Patrick Branagan, and only hours away from pulling off his next heist. He needs to escape from police custody or…
Perpetrator of the worst mass murder in modern history, 23 year-old contract killer, Dario Rigaudo, is in the sights of the best hitman in the world, Patrick Branagan, and only hours away from pulling off his next heist. He needs to escape from police custody or…
Perpetrator of the worst mass murder in modern history, 23 year-old contract killer, Dario Rigaudo, is in the sights of the best hitman in the world, Patrick Branagan, and only hours away from pulling off his next heist. He needs to escape from police custody or…
The GOTY Outfit Bundle offer will end May 31st. If you have not gotten your hands on this bundle, the Casino outfit, Clown outfit, and the Raven outfit are also available, separately, here:

About The Developer:
Headup Games, founded in 2010, is an award-winning development studio committed to creating immersive, original games that are loved by a wide range of audiences. From genre-bending, multi-award-winning games like Darkest Dungeon to clever platformers like Jetpack Joyride, they aim to tell original stories within a variety of different genres for different types of players.
We want to work with you and provide the best game possible. If you want to reach out to us, you can contact us via our social media pages or at [email protected] Headup Games is located in Helsinki, Finland.
The game was released in December 2016.
Visit the official website:
Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:
Follow us on Instagram:


Features Key:

  • Country: 38 different Unique Culture Types – six racial “cultures” and remaining two custom cultures
  • Terrain: 4 new terrain types include farmland, swampland, Marshes and Mountains
  • Diseases: 10 additional diseases
  • Saloon: 1 new saloon location
  • Port: 5 new port locations
  • Weather system: 5 different weather conditions
  • Character Body: 1 more custom body
  • Pet: 1 new body for a pet
  • Accoutrements: 1 new imperial headpiece
  • Special Body: 1 additional special body
  • Unique Weapons: 1 more unique weapon
  • Unique Map: 1 more unique map
  • Unique Title: 1 new unique title
  • Unique Bracelet: 1 new unique bracelet
  • Game System:

    • New Feature: Zemen system allows you to carve out an area of coast where you can nurture your people and protect them from enemies
    • New Feature: Movement Improvements: more realistic movement such as cross country travel, improved save for mountain pass, lowered Amortization penalties of horses and loading and unloading of heavy armor at port
    • New Feature: Improved Trade Routes: tighter connection with the continent, better connected trade routes
    • New Feature: Export / Import Tool allows to export existing states and exported states by sea, new custom houses, fortresses, regions and factions

    Advances of Crusader Kings II Game:

    • New Audio Track: new musical track set as part of the All In One Collection
    • Improved Map Rendering: new map rendering with more terrain details, improved fishing and travel minimap
    • Addresses many bugs and glitches found in the game on Steam
    • Reworked the UI font


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      Epic Roller Coasters is a game with the theme of Christmas. You can choose companions to go with you on the rides and take selfies to share on social medias. There are 3 modes to choose from: Casual, Race and Shooter. The coasters are quite realistic and the scenery of the parks are also very realistic, like the real life parks and theme parks. The music is all real and made by christmas songs and also made special for the season. You can add different effects like rising sun, falling star, snow and fog and even choose the kind of coaster you want to have. The only thing is you have to finish all the rides for each mode. Finally Epic Roller Coasters is a great christmas gift for players and non players!
      How to Play
      Simply go through the rides and get as many coins and diamonds as you can. This mode is quite easy.
      Race with your friends to get the best times. You can choose the maximum number of riders you want and then start competing.
      The shooter mode is an epic shooter game with muiti target objects. Use the bumper and wheels to make the best shots and kill other riders.
      ?Funny music that’s made for you to enjoy
      ?Realistic roller coaster with 10 different settings
      ?Fans of roller coasters and riding on the rides can use it
      ?Compete with your friends and make new friends in the game
      ?3 fun modes to choose from: casual, race and shooter
      ?Easy to play and fun to use
      ?You can choose the kind of coaster you want and also choose the best settings for you
      ?You can even add effects like rising sun, falling star, snow and fog
      ?The only thing that you have to do is to finish all the rides
      ?You can choose your friends and friends can also choose their friends to ride together
      ?You can play and compete with your friends and families on facebook, whatsapp or sms
      ?You can let your friends see and share photos of you and your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp or SMS
      ?Customers also can purchase and use the stickers, postcards and gifts and use the photo function
      Game Screenshots
      Game Features:
      ?Challenge friends and make new friends
      ?Send gifts to your friends


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      I’ll start with the most obvious complaint that people will have: the lack of gore. As good as the first game was, there was a massive amount that could have been added in, and since it was focused on horror, it should have continued in this direction. Otherworldly abominations that haunt the player as they explore, long after the first game ended; as well as creepy and dark music; and some of the best audio design in the game.
      The hook here is a brother and sister that comes home and ends up discovering that the house their father left to them has numerous layers, and as they uncover each layer, they uncover the horror that lay beneath. Thus, it is a great use of the point-and-click format, as even after the first game ended and I knew what was going to happen, I wanted to find out more. While the game was darker overall, the polish and attention to detail of the original was exceptional. I’m far less worried about the final revelation, as it is done far more organically this time around.
      In that way, while the game doesn’t really deviate from what is established in the first, it is more polished and more about delivering the scares rather than getting the player to reveal what is coming to them. There is a constant tension which the player never overcomes; you know there is something there, but the investigators are sure that nothing is down there, and it’s important that they never find out different. The constant tension created by that gives the game a real emotional impact; it’s more suspenseful, and that feeling is amplified by the lack of gore.

      [citation needed]Sick game, what an end[citation needed][/citation] — @_kieranlirwin (@kieranlirwin) August 31, 2019
      Take the original game, replace the two protagonists with a married couple, and add about six more colors to the palette, then you have what I think you’d call a fine example of a psychological horror. — Nathan Bernard (@GameOnNathan) August 31, 2019
      Despite its length of six hours, it never feels like a slog. As I mentioned earlier, it is a game about building tension and actively keeping the player guessing about what is down below, so the short length doesn’t inhibit or distract from the experience.


      What’s new:

      ” ),
      { 0, 0 }


      int PB_CheckNumForName( const char *pBaseName, size_t numScripts, const char *pScriptName );
      int PB_CheckNumForClass( const char *pBaseName, size_t numObjects, const char *pClassName );


      // A created object cannot be registered against an event
      int PB_SetEventHandler( const char *pBaseName, const char *pHandlerName, int eventID, const PB_EventInput_t *pInput );
      // A set of all the event handlers for this object
      int PB_SetEventHandlerArray( const char *pBaseName, const char *pHandlerName, int numEventHandlers, const PB_EventInput_t *pInput );


      int PB_DecompileCallback( void *pContext, const char *pFilename, void **pData, size_t *pSize );


      #include “phandler_global.h”

      // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
      // Venue Callbacks
      // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


      int PB_GetRandomFilename( const char *pBaseName, size_t size, char *pResultFile );

      // Get the current time as the filename that will be automatically generated by the event system
      // (2004/09/22): added this to improve the behaviour of the event system with activity logs and so on
      // (2010/08/01): removed the date/time logic, added a new “activities”, a new activity tracker system per time unit
      // (2012/02/10): added another system, a set-of-systems “activity-log” tracks all activities (which gives insight of when
      // and where your lua code completed)


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      Sakuya, Koishi and Suika had been manipulated to battle each other at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the home of the cursed Masakado and her seven stooges. They’d become ghosts even when they’re still alive!
      You will survive in a world that’s completely different from our own. Fight the legendary archdevil of the pink-haired maids, Masakado, and become a real maid in time.
      ================================================================Sakuya Izayoi
      A naive and lovely maid.
      By the orders of the seven stooges, Sakuya has been sent to help Narumi with his usual redoubling of her activities. Actually he was sent to meet with the main enemy of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the devil Masakado.
      She was told to be gentle, polite and innocent………. But, she is very cautious and follows her orders. She often does stupid things but she also always succeeds.
      To her job, Sakuya has no other purpose than to become a maid. But, the seven stooges are behind her.
      Sakuya is a rebellious and determined maid.
      She went against her better judgment and even her better instincts. She started to go against her better judgment and hide her true character behind her cheerful demeanor.
      ================================================================Koishi Komeiji
      The taciturn former teacher of Narumi.
      Komeiji is deeply moved by Narumi’s sincerity and has decided to be Narumi’s teacher. Komeiji is going to be Narumi’s mentor as he never had a student before. He has a picture of his dead father in his jacket.
      He has no intention of taking orders from other people. But he is quite weak to offer orders but not him. Komeiji has been told to be himself, to take in the world with his own opinions, but always remember his sorrow.
      Komeiji will be Narumi’s mentor in order to make him stronger.
      He is very keen on being by his side and always be dedicated to him.
      Komeiji’s fundamental principle is to make Narumi stronger.
      ================================================================Suika Ibuki
      Tiny warrior god of hundred demons
      Suika was put in custody at the mansion. She was desperately begging to be with other children, but was so fearful that she had a very peculiar expression.
      Suika’s desire is to be with people.
      One day when she was forced to fight with the Scarlet Devil’s soldiers, she got into a fight with them. There was a lot


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