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the tafseer e kabeer has been widely quoted in the artes of tawheed, usul and fiqh. it is frequently referred to as ‘kabeer’, and holds a large place in islamic literature. it is the most eminent compendium of the texts of islamic law and theology. this is a digest of the quranic commentary of imam muslim and the table of contents of the murcielago of hakim al-nammari.

tafseer kabir is an important work of the islamic fiqh (legislation). the quranic verse “to this day, we have had no muslims except by revelation.” is explained in kabir as “no one has the knowledge of what shall be the result of the last day but those who are warned by the prophets.”

tafseer kabir is an important work of the islamic fiqh (legislation). its exposition of the quranic verse “know the truth and follow me, that you may be raised to high ranks” is unique in the early medieval period.

imam omar farooq has written tafseer e kabeer for the inquisitive minds of muslims. these have been written in a concise and lucid style that will attract not only the traditional scholars but also the modernist minds. the author has incorporated the quranic commentary and exegesis and brought out the principles on which the islamic rituals were based and on which the thinking of the holy prophet was founded. each chapter of the book has been written in a brief style to attract all readers. the work is divided into five chapters: introduction, chapter 1: the distinguished features of the prophet, chapter 2: his teachings, chapter 3: characteristic virtues of the holy prophet, chapter 4: the basis of the legal system of islam and chapter 5: the end of life.

tafseer e kabeer is a book that has fallen into oblivion. the author of this book was a genius. if only he had continued his tafseer of the qur’an after surah al-fatiha. it would have been a very good book.
out of the fourteen hundred, fifteen hundred, and sixteen hundred pages of this book, it is a tafseer that contains the narration of the holy quran and its commentary. the tafseer of imam razi has various chapters such as jihad, tahreer, freedom, reward and account, makkan, madinah, jews and christians, latitude and longitude, reward and account, jannah and the hereafter, wudu, kitab al-ghufr, kitab al-fatihah, surah fatiha, fatiha, surah falaq, surah ra’.
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tafseer e kabeer is a book on islamic religious sciences, philosophy and culture. it is a summary of islaam’s sciences and philosophy. it discusses religious matters and therefore, is not a history of islamic religion. the author says the topics of this book deals with philosophical wisdom, which is not in favor of the truth, but not falsehood either. if this book had that intention, then it should have discussed all the sciences and religion in an irreligious, evil way.
imam fakhrudin razi was an eminent religious scholar of the sunni tradition and author of tafsir-i kabeer, the commentary of the qur’an. this is one of the most scholarly of all the books on the qur’an and established the standard of interpretation of the qur’an in the muslim world for three hundred years. it is considered the “second qur’an,” or the “intellectual companion” to the qur’an. the author’s most renowned work is ta’wil al-quran or commentary on the qur’an. this is an outstanding and comprehensive commentary on the qur’an. it is the most popular book on the qur’an and also the most comprehensive of the commentaries. to date, many translations of this great work have been published.


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