First off, if you are having sex with someone whom you don’t know or do not know that well, it is not casual sex. It is having sex. It is an act. You can make a good or a bad decision to do this act or not, but it is no less an act.
Furthermore, it is not always a bad thing. In fact, casual sex can be a wonderful thing when it is done for the right reasons. Casual sex is about sex, period. It is about getting together and being as sexual as you want to be with no strings attached.
So if you are considering having casual sex, you need to ask yourself “Why?”
If you are going to do it for just some physical release and no emotional connection, you probably are just looking for sex, not love. If you are seeking to find your soul mate, you are going about it all wrong.
For many people who are having casual sex, there are many motives behind the practice. Here are just a few.
Catching up with an old friend
Friends and exes from college are often the first people we think of after hooking up. But many people say they’re just hooking up with them for sex, but are really just friends.
Falling in love with someone you just slept with
Perhaps your significant other is actually someone you just “hooked up” with. Perhaps you dated, but didn’t really go in depth.
A more reserved person is prone to have feelings for someone they just slept with. They may find themselves hooked by someone who understands them better than anyone else.
To play out the “big secret”
You don’t want to tell anyone else just how you met the person you’re seeing. Someone who just “hooked up” with you can be taken for an easy hookup, but something more can also result.
If the situation isn’t solid, be bold. Hooking up together allows you to know for sure about each other in a safe and casual way, as opposed to a blind date.
Turning a casual fling into something more
Perhaps you are just taking it from friends who are having problems with their relationships and you want to do the same. If you are having sex with someone you are not ready for a relationship with, you could give into temptation and end up having your first LTR.
But if you want to get emotionally involved, don’t just hook up casual. This might sound like common sense, but casual sex
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Finally, exercising and eating properly can be just as rewarding as hooking up. You don’t have to be in shape or trim to get some enjoyable sex, but it goes without saying that it can actually help. (Think: Research shows that your body’s most sensitive parts are typically in the same places as the ones you’d want to enjoy!) Health is important to pleasure, so do everything in your power to stay healthy.

Before you begin your search, be sure to save yourself money by planning ahead. If the potential partner is a friend of a friend, don’t waste time going on multiple first dates. Look up their online profile, establish whether you’d feel comfortable with them or not, and either contact them or save yourself the time and effort. It’s a lot easier to say no to a person you don’t connect with than it is to go on a date with someone you don’t trust or want to see again.

Some 1,000 records of women exploited by their boyfriends and husbands have been collected by charity Crimestoppers. The appeal heard that the women were “willing participants” in the three-year operation, despite being forced to have sex with more than two dozen men.

A phone dating app called nuzzly has a mature-aged option for younger users. Set up a profile where you’re 18, 19 or 20 and nuzzly will search for matches with people who are at least 45, 50 or 55 years old. It’s designed to cater for that group who want to remain sexually active in a committed way.

People don’t date by the week anymore. You can find a way to see if someone is interested in you by asking them to set up a date. This way you know that you have some more time to get to know them and if you’re not into them, then you can thank them for their time and move on without the pressure of a date.

**Where to go.** Casual hookups are the norm on college campuses; the typical scenario is some frenetic sex in a dorm room, followed by lots of postcoital chillin’ on someone’s couch. Make no mistake: Casual sex is prevalent (albeit in the eyes of the law, there’s still a lot of boundary issues to handle). If you aren’t on the look out for potential heartache, casual sex in college can be a very pleasurable experience, and it’s fairly safe for something that can occur so quickly.

**What to do

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