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– Enhance your photos with convenient batch photo editor.
– Multiple templates for different styles, you can make your photo/video picture different and unique.
– Specify more than one parts to paste at once, it means you can clip your photo/video picture from only part of it and you don’t need to repeat the process!
– Hide the preview of the cropped picture/video, then you will not be able to see how the picture/video is going to be cropped after you are done.
– You can always go back and change the crop area by just one click.
– Undo the last cropping action by just one click!
– You can also add some special effects and filters to your picture/video!
– Share the edited picture/video to your social networks and enjoy your work!

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Chaos Game was created as an accessible and easy way to generate fractals. A Chaos Game is determined by a set of two or more “maps”.
Each map represents an image of the unit square, which is shown in white in the applet. Select an example from the “Examples” menu or add individual “maps” using the “Add Map” menu.
A map is shown as a square, rectangle, or parallelogram with colored edges. One of the maps can be “selected” by clicking on it; the selected map has handles and arrows that can be dragged to edit the map.
To de-select all maps, click somewhere outside of all the maps or use the “Select No Map” command in the “Control” menu.
The “chaos game” runs whenever there are at least two maps. The purpose of the game is to produce images that are made up of dots that are produced by a semi-random process based on the maps.
If a map is selected then a preview of the game is shown in the form of a small number of magenta-colored dots; if no map is selected, then the real game is run and an image made of small black dots – or colored dots if the “Color Code Maps” menu option is selected – is gradually built up.
Use the “Show Maps” menu option in the “Control” menu to turn off display of the maps and get a better look at the image.
When editing a map, you can drag the corners to change the size of the map. To rotate the map, you can drag the arrow 384a16bd22

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Rinzo is a user-friendly XML editor and authoring tool for Windows. Rinzo is the best solution for designers, developers and XML enthusiasts who are working on XML documents. Rinzo is designed to help you author XML files that can be read, edited and converted to other popular formats such as XHTML. The XML editor comes with a full-featured API and tools for XML editing.q**5 + q**4 – q**2 + 0*q – 1/8*q**6 + 0*q**3. Factor y(g).
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Let f be (-2)/2*5/10. Let q(h) = 3*h**3 + h**2. Let u(g) = -g**3 – g**2. Let v(r) = f*q(r) – 2*u(r). Let v(j) = 0. What is j?
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Let l(x) be the first derivative of -3*x**4/4 + 2*x**3 + 3*x**2/2 – 6*x + 1. Suppose l(u) = 0. Calculate u.
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Let s(z) be the first derivative of -z**5/30 + z**4/24 + z**3/6 + z**2 + 2. Let p(v) be the second derivative of s(v). Find g such that p(g) = 0.
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Factor -6/7*j + 6/7*j**2 + 0.
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