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KeyMACRO is a keyboard configuration tool for Windows. It allows you to quickly configure your keyboard to produce the desired character combinations.
KeyMACRO is a great resource for:
• Activating or deactivating keys
• Mapping keys
• Creating macros
• Using keyboard shortcuts
• Deleting keys
KeyMACRO is especially designed for:
• Basic users who don’t want to write one-by-one or manually type the command
• Serious users who need to create macros for one-key-combo-per-macro
KeyMACRO uses Cmd/Alt key combinations for most commands, and WinKey to access advanced options.

With this special bundle you get some premium plugins, and a special discount for one! The full list of plugins is:
– Visual selection
– Visual selection with a frame
– Merge multiple selections into one selection
– Lock/unlock/resize selection
– Text selection with a bounding rectangle
– Change selection type (active or regular)
– Remove selection
– Clear selection
– Clear selection with a bounding rectangle
– Select and Delete
– Select and Move
– Select and Copy
– Select and Paste
– Paste from clipboard to a selected area
– File actions (Save as, Save, Create Link, Create Shortcut)
– Flash image to screen
– Print
– Resize image to screen
– Scroll up
– Scroll down
– Scale image to screen
– Rotate image to screen
– Flip image vertically
– Flip image horizontally
– Mirror image
– Show/hide status bar
– Minimize all to tray
– Show desktop
– Hide desktop
– Show taskbar
– Hide taskbar
– Show start menu
– Hide start menu
– Show help
– Hide help
– Toggle fullscreen
– Pause fullscreen
– Restart
– Close
– Minimize
– Close
– Maximize
– Minimize all
– Maximize all
– Showing option bar
– Always on top
– Always on bottom
– Move to desktop
– Bring to front
– Bring to back
– Left to desktop
– Right to desktop
– Left to front
– Right to front
– Left to back
– Right to back
– Close
– Show desktop
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Specialized Macros, Made Simple.
Over the last ten years, keyboard shortcuts have become indispensable tools for people who use a computer every day. Macros are the shortcuts that enable you to carry out several tasks within a single operation.
Such macros can save you a great deal of time and effort in your daily work, as they enable you to avoid the repeating of the same tasks. Most macros consist of a text string, which is typed in the form of a shortcut by you. It can be a single word, a phrase, or even a complete sentence.
What makes WinMacro so powerful is that you can use the one-click option to create and save your own macros, which can then be instantly triggered, upon the press of a single button. The use of macros is truly beneficial for people who use the computer every day, and if you are looking for a software that can let you take advantage of their use, then you should definitely try out WinMacro.
Basic Macros:
Macro options can be accessed by pressing the Alt key and the specified key, one after another, in any order. When a macro starts, a small icon of the key that is pressed will appear in the menu bar of the application window.
WinMacro can also create the macros for you. You just need to specify what key is assigned to what action. If you miss any of the macros, you can still create them by pressing the ‘New Macro’ button. It will ask you for the name and location of the new macro.
Macros can be saved and recalled at any time, and you can also edit their names, and locations. When the Macros window is open, you can click on the ‘Edit’ button to access the existing macros, and the ‘Add New’ button to save your new ones.
In addition to this, you can easily edit the options of the macro, which you have created, as well as the text of its name. The ‘Key Description’ field contains a brief description of the assigned key. You can also view the macros in the program, by clicking on the ‘Macros’ button, and looking at the ‘Macros List’ window.
More Features:
As WinMacro has all the features that a good keyboard shortcut utility should have, you can comfortably manage all of them without any problems.
You can view all of the macros in a single menu, as well as the locations and names of the existing macros, which can beг±ol/

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