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Fans of spacecraft sims, arcade style dogfights, and roguelike RPGs will get a hang out in Sirius Online. This massive universe is designed from the ground up to be the most depth and realism in a space MMO. With dozens of sectors, planets, moons, and other celestial bodies to explore, Sirius is a grand sandbox that’s brimming with adventure.
Sirius Online focuses on flexible combat, three unique ships, a character progression system, and more. Fight your way through space while taking on space pirates, an AI-driven faction, and a rich array of missions, side quests, and lore driven events. With a layered combat system that allows you to focus on defense or offense at your own leisure, you can exploit unique systems and abilities with a few short taps of your keyboard.

Game contains ads.
Note that I do not own any of the rights to the game, its content, or anything in it including the website and its domains.
Note to all the members of League and its affiliates:
Due to a change in video compression settings at League, we will be unable to do play tests of the game. If you wish to request a test, please let me know.
Note to all affiliates:
Due to a change in branding on League, I will be focusing only on what the game is, rather than what the League brand should be or what our affiliates should be focused on. As such, this does not affect the affiliates in any way, and I do not intend to hinder their business. If you have any other concerns or questions, please let me know.

Sirius Online: Game Review:

About This Game:

Sirius Online will become memorable for all the right reasons.

The hilarious story,

The unique spacecraft,

The rich combat system,

Everything in its own way makes you fall in love with this game for all the right reasons.

Come join the Elite Squad and become a legend in this incredible Universe.

In Sirius Online, you’ll be the captain of a spaceship called BaseStar and you will lead your squad in a very profitable journey through an alien galaxy.

You will visit a gazillion planets, you will engage with a vast array of missions, and you will test your skills in a complex, strategic combat system.

You will gain levels and improve your ship, and you


Features Key:

  • A unique and compelling storyline: Discover “what became of the Verge and its crew,” the fate of the split twins, and the truth of the extraordinary Visitor arrival.
  • A richly detailed setting: A colossal ocean liner, massive survey ships, a hostile alien planet, and a cosmic mystery at the center of the adventure!
  • Lost Chapter Discussion Thread can be found at:

    Over 25,000 members
    115,000 posts

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    In the past two years, “Blanco! The Game of New Danger” has garnered numerous awards and received a rich cult following.
    That’s not all. In 2008, it was also released in France and Italy as a stand-alone RPG.
    Now “Blanco! The Game of New Danger” will be released on iOS and Android on December 17th, 2012!
    Watch out for a huge update in January 2013 as well!
    NOTE: This content will be updated once a week.
    *If it takes more than one week, please be patient!*
    About the Game:
    Blanco! is a free-to-play, all-ages RPG that is currently in development for iOS and Android devices.
    In the game, you have a young, blasé mouse named Blanco. When he was found by humans, he stumbled into a world known as “Blanco Castle”, a place where humans, monsters, and a mysterious criminal live side-by-side.
    Now you must spend your days running between the castle and your home, meeting new people, and taking on a wide variety of quests.
    What is your role in this world?
    – Solve simple quests to obtain items, money, and experience points.
    – Begin your adventure by creating your party! Pick a party of up to six people from a variety of classes. Every class has its own skills, abilities, and advantages!
    – Battle monsters and other players to take over dungeons and gather rare items.
    – Explore the world with your party, and buy and sell items at the shops.
    – Create your own character through four elements: Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul. Your body will determine your skills, weapons, appearance, and combat capabilities; your mind will enable you to attack and use special abilities; your spirit will enable you to enter sanctuaries and magic lands; and your soul will enable you to transfer magic into your magic bar to use it in battle.
    Missions are periodically released where you can gather a certain amount of money or experience points by completing particular quests and quests. Complete enough missions and you can enlist in the army and become a warrior!
    Mobile Platform Features:
    – New! The Mystic Tree feature will introduce items! It will be limited to the first version.
    – Large bosses! You’ll be hard pressed to beat them!
    – Class-based dungeons!
    – A special maze!
    – Equipment screen! Players can check their equipment at any time


    YoyoMonkeyAdventure Free Download

    Taken as a whole, Road Not Taken is a frustrating experience. The game is not perfect; in fact, the game contains several glitches that can make the experience all the more annoying. There are some things that the game does very well, and others that are downright frustrating and confusing, but ultimately, the game’s beauty is in its failures.

    Road Not Taken is a game about character growth. You play a short-sighted woman, named Ella, whose path is so much more complicated than you originally thought. Your childhood friend, Naga, played a big role in your development, and he is the reason that you are now going through so many changes. The cut scenes in Road Not Taken get incredibly emotional, and as you progress through the game, you become a more caring and empathetic individual. It’s incredibly easy to get lost in the cut scenes, because they are so good.

    Road Not Taken contains a lot of content, and while I can’t say that I’m completely satisfied with everything that the game has to offer, I have come to love the way that it is put together. While I never fully get over the bizarrely self-referential bits, that only makes it more intriguing. While I could complain about the flaws in the game, they end up making this a much better game overall.

    I truly enjoyed this game, and it deserves to be applauded for its ingenuity and excellent presentation. It’s a difficult game, but when the tutorial is finally out of the way, Road Not Taken becomes a whole lot of fun.

    Those who aren’t used to turn-based games may find themselves struggling with the style of play at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that Road Not Taken is anything but dry. The game is loaded with satisfying, well-designed puzzles that take many different forms.

    Road Not Taken is a challenging game that will challenge you. You have to choose your steps wisely, as failing to consider your opponent’s moves can be disastrous. You’ll quickly find that you can’t take shortcuts in your progress, because it’ll usually end in failure.

    Most of the puzzles in Road Not Taken are well-designed and don’t follow a rigid format. Many puzzles end with a bit of puzzle-solving and puzzling, rather than being completely confusing, and that’s one of the reasons that this game is so engaging.

    Road Not Taken is filled with gameplay twists that have led many to liken


    What’s new:

    “Russian roulette”: name used by the media to describe the action of repeatedly playing a video game wherein the result of each game is the non-triggering of a red “hell” button, often by the player’s reckless and dangerous input.
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    In the 2005 film AI, based on science fiction author Isaac Asimov’s robot stories, robots play Russian roulette with human life inside the skyscraper where they live. After over a year of this being the case, a robot is shown reacting to danger by dispensing with the human contingent entirely.

    The Glee episode “Mash-Up” (US TV 2008–09) features a school version of Russian roulette played by students as a massive, cross-cultural mash-up of songs. In the episode, the two groups are competing in a challenge, where the loser is to be the first to sing a song that the winner cannot sing along with — if the winner guesses it. At one point, the student who knows the biggest science fiction story says that he has heard of the legend of “White Rabbit” before. The storyteller goes out, comes back with a revolver, and with a short explanation, hands it to the girl who refuses to take


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    Pirate Popper VR is a fast and casual virtual reality game set in a cartoon styled world. The game features unique gameplay mechanics that are easy to grasp but difficult to master.
    In Pirate Popper VR you are an idle pirate captain who gets summoned to a tropical island to pick up his chests and bring them back to their home.
    You take to the ‘World of Pirate Popper’, a cartoon themed world with blue skies and tropical greens, and you will need to destroy all the pirate poppers on the island in order to do this.
    Inspired by classic games, such as Angry Birds or Dots, Pirate Popper VR provides a fun and casual gameplay experience, that is unique and suited for virtual reality.

    What is Virtual Reality?!
    Well, Virtual Reality is a type of computer generated world and can provide you with the sensation of being in another world.
    It has several benefits, such as:
    – Immersion
    – A new way of experiencing your surroundings
    – A completely different way of learning
    – Well-being
    – New ways of interaction
    How does it work?
    It’s actually quite simple.
    You put on a headset, which contains a pair of optics and a small projection screen.
    Then you put on something called a ‘Backpack’ which is connected to your computer, this is where a lot of the technology exists.
    The backpack converts the signals received from the headset into a way you can see and interact with your environment.
    Isn’t virtual reality a bit scary?
    Although the headset might make you feel nervous, wearing it will take you to a world full of possibilities.
    You are free to explore a 3D world and interact with objects to your heart’s content.
    Just don’t forget to take a break every now and then, and take a look at the world around you. It’s a bit like looking out a window.
    A good imagination is required for virtual reality.
    You are free to explore a 3D world and interact with objects to your heart’s content.

    Launch Baby! ? New York’s first and only app that lets you “Play like a pro!”
    Ready yourself to dive into the best arcade game on mobile with Dive It! Pop and Roll!
    Developed by the makers of Pikmin, a Game of the Year Winner, and Karate Combat, a Game of the Year Runner-Up.


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