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ZEEPLAY plays your audio & video files (currently MP3, WAV, MID, MPG and AVI files are supported) one by one (max 500) within the directory where ZEEPLAY
is saved. Actually ZEEPLAY is a “one-button tray player”: the only visible button is for stopping and restarting the stream (by mouse click). Thus
ZEEPLAY is the easiest player ever created … !
But ZEEPLAY can do much more than just continuous streaming. When cursor is moved to ZEEPLAY tray icon, the current file and play position is shown in a tooltip. Now you can scroll forward and backwards the file by using the mouse wheel (or the RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys), or you can skip the current file and “jumpstart” the next one by keeping the mouse left click down for
a second. The current file can also be replayed by the mouse middle click (or by the DOWN arrow key).
After the last file ZEEPLAY restarts again from the beginning. Files are played in alphabetically sorted order. You can exit ZEEPLAY by right-clicking the tray icon.
ZEEPLAY is a simple tool designed to play the audio or video files from the directory that is in.









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Play the audio or video files continuously within the directory where ZEEPLAY For Windows 10 Crack is saved.
List current and previous file (by mouse click).
Show the play position by cursor location.
Play the current file in the direction of the mouse cursor (by right click or by left click when the cursor is over a file).
Scroll forward and backwards files by using mouse wheel (or RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys).
Skip the current file and “jumpstart” the next one by keeping mouse left click down for a second.
Replay the current file by the mouse middle click (or DOWN arrow key).
Exit the program when right-clicked the tray icon.
– Simple interface, no unnecessary windows or screen clutter.
– Easy to use. There is no manual to learn.
– Small size (386Kb) and fast startup.
– No external dependencies, no installation required.
– The files are in the same directory as the ZEEPLAY executable.
– You can make an icon for ZEEPLAY and use it on your desktop, next to the shell icons.
– Exit the program when right-clicked the tray icon.
– Files are played in alphabetically sorted order.
– Played files are shown in the title area.
– Made for Windows (uses native API), but should run on Windows 95/98/NT too.
– Easy to add your own files as well.
– 100% free and open source.

Who wrote this program?

The program ZEEPLAY was written by Jeroen van Volckeren (original author) and Roy (Mata’s E-mail). You can contact Roy (Mata) here

Known bugs:

No known bugs

Please report any bugs you find.

Thank you.

Version History:

– Corrected a bug when the files is a unknown type.
– Corrected a wrong layout when there are a lot of files.
– Fixed a problem when the directory name was long (the directory path was truncated).
– Added a list of files that was played the last time.
– Added a menu option to play the last time.
– Added a script that can be called from the command line.
– Added a menu option to play the current file in the path directory.
– Added a menu option


Allows you to record and playback frequently used macros as keyboard shortcuts with a single keystroke.
Right-click mouse on the panel-bar area to create new key-macro. You can configure KeyMacro settings by clicking on
the top-left corner of the panel.
Right-click in the menu bar to access Help. The ZeePlayer help center is displayed.
-Add, edit and delete key-macros
-Display keyboard shortcuts and all associated ZeePlayer actions
-Manage key-macro hotkeys
-Allow or disallow the user from deleting key-macros
-Allow or disallow the user from deleting the whole key-macro list
-Display or hide a list of key-macro names
-Choose key-macro hotkey or a predefined hotkey
-Configure the key-macro action sequence
-Play key-macro
-Display or hide the key-macro dialog
-Enable key-macro auto-play when starting ZeePlayer
-Choose key-macro auto-play type: dialog, tooltip or play
-Choose to play key-macro before or after playing the current file
-Play key-macro only when the mouse cursor is over the tray icon
-Select a predefined hotkey as key-macro hotkey
-Edit/remove key-macro (requires change of hotkey)
-Add new key-macro (requires change of hotkey)
-Add a separator between key-macro
-Generate key-macro code
-Select the current filename as “current action file”
-Move key-macro’s action settings to the “other settings” list
-Clear key-macro’s action settings list
-Auto-play the current action file after recording the current filename
-Start recording the current filename when ZeePlayer starts
-Start playback the current action file after recording the current filename
-Default action: move mouse cursor over ZeePlayer tray icon
-Notify when the current action file has finished playing
-Display the current action file’s play position in the tooltip
-Skip current action file
-Restart current action file
-Restart current action file
-Take a screenshot of the current action file
-Ask user whether to start playing the current action file
-Replay current action file by mouse click
-Scroll forward or backward


I, Nik, developed this simple utility to stream audio and video files that are stored on your hard drive. At present I support MP3, WAV, MID, MPG, AVI and VOB files.
So the first thing you have to do is to locate your audio and video files, install ZEEPLAY and that’s all!
The above information includes the License and contact information.
This is the information that I received from the developer of the application:
The following policies apply to my software:
1.If you redistribute my software in source code form, the following policy applies to your distribution.
(This policy applies to my software. If you redistribute my software in compiled form, you must follow this policy.)
2.If you modify my software to create derivative works, the following policy applies to your derivative works.
(This policy does not apply to my software. If you distribute your work in compiled form, you must follow the applicable license terms of the software.)
3.This software is licensed, not sold. It is free for personal and non-commercial use.
4.Redistributions of this software must contain the following disclaimer:
“This software is provided free of charge, without any express or implied warranty. Use it at your own risk.”
Contact me:
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please write to me. If you have a problem with the software, please
submit it as a bug report at:

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What’s New In?

This software was created by KENNY BOSAN, a.k.a. Joe ALBANO (c), and Ken CALVARIS (c), of the Free Software community.

ZEEPLAY was created for simple use in GNU/Linux. But ZEEPLAY can play any audio and/or video file format known to the Free Software community.

ZEEPLAY is written in C programming language, and supports GTK+ toolkit and ALSA sound system.


ZEEPLAY is distributed under the GPL version 2 or later.


ZEEPLAY is distributed as a single.tar.gz archive containing:

1) One folder – ZEEPLAY.

2) A README file.

3) A small graphical interface program for ZEEPLAY, written in Perl and called “zeepy” (because of the small size and friendly feature).

4) A main program written in C language, called “zeepc”.

How to use ZEEPLAY:

It is easy to use: just install ZEEPLAY in your GNU/Linux system. When the installation is complete,
you can start ZEEPLAY from the GNOME or KDE desktop application menu. ZEEPLAY is not a KDE application!

Now just start ZEEPLAY by right-clicking the tray icon.

When you click the mouse to stop or start playback,
ZEEPLAY will continue playing the audio/video file until it is finished or until you close the program.

How to report bugs:

Please send us an e-mail with a list of bugs you have found in ZEEPLAY.

Known bugs:

In ZEEPLAY, the program is known to play audio/video files without any sound. However, this is a known bug of GTK+ toolkit.

The author(s) of ZEEPLAY assumes no liability for any damage done to your computer or anything else in case of using ZEEPLAY.


The author(s) of ZEEPLAY (C) 2006, KENNY BOSAN (c), and Ken CALVARIS (c).

See also:

To know how to get more information about ZEEPLAY, please read the README.TXT file contained in the ZEEPLAY archive.

ZEEPLAY is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2. For more informations, see the “License” file.

News about ZEEPLAY:

See the NEWS file included in the ZEEPLAY archive.

History of ZEEPLAY:

See the HISTORY file included in the ZEEPLAY archive.


ZEEPLAY is created with lots of inspiration from the following projects:

1) Asterisk (

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
CPU: Core 2 Duo / Core 2 Quad / Core i3 / Core i5
CPU Speed: 2.0 GHz / 2.5 GHz / 3.0 GHz / 3.4 GHz / 3.8 GHz
GPU: GeForce 8800GT / GeForce GTX 675MX
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
DirectX: Version 9.0c


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